Thursday, August 04, 2005

Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

Any one who enjoys romantic suspense knows that finding a book that gets it right is not easy . So many authors sacrifice the suspense for the romance or sacrifice the romance for the suspense. Getting a balance of both romance and suspense is hard to find. Brockmann achieves this balance almost perfectly in Out of Control. This book is probably the best romantic suspense I have ever read. Hands down. I complained in my review of Over the Edge that there were too many characters to keep straight and that I hated the WWII story. But in OOC everything works right. These are the main characters:

Savannah & Ken
Molly & Jones
Sam & Alyssa
Rose & Hank (WWII)

Three of these couples have their happy ending including the WWII story (which I loved). Sam and Alyssa keep making appearances in this series of books and there is no HEA yet, but I know eventually somewhere down the line there will be one. I only have a general complaint that I wish Brockmann would wind things up faster for Sam and Alyssa. Their story is strung out over too many books. The action in OOC is non-stop and set in the Indonesian jungle. I have a huge fondness for stories set in the jungle. The dialogue was pretty crude at times but I think realistic in terms of how guys actually talk. I especially loved the dialogue between Savannah and Ken aka "Wildcard". I highly recommend this book for those who love romantic suspense.

My Grade: A


BJ Deese said...

Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I need to get OUT OF CONTROL. I have a couple of her other books in hb, but havne't read them yet.

ReneeW said...

BJ - I have been on this huge Brockmann binge lately. I ignored all the hype for years, but her books were calling to me and I'm so glad I read OOC. You must find it and read it :)

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