Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top 100 Romances

I promised to post my Top 100 Romances that I submitted to AAR a few days ago. I procrastinated until the last minute. No surprise there. I used the list I made in 2007 and just updated and rearranged it a bit. Before doing this next time I should re-read some of them and take a little more time putting them in order.

I had a hard time figuring out how to put them in any kind of order. In general, my favorites are grouped at the top and everything else I just kinda stuck them in.

Num Title Author
1 A Rose at Midnight  Anne Stuart
2 Pride and Prejudice  Jane Austen
3 Flowers from the Storm Laura Kinsale
4 The Notorious Rake  Mary Balogh
5 Red Adam's Lady  Grace Ingram
6 Fallen From Grace  Laura Leone
7 Night in Eden  Candice Proctor
8 After the Night  Linda Howard
9 To Have and To Hold  Patricia Gaffney
10 All Through the Night  Connie Brockway
11 Naked in Death  J. D. Robb
12 Black Ice  Anne Stuart
13 Duncan's Bride Linda Howard
14 Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand  Carla Kelly
15 Truly Madly Yours  Rachel Gibson
16 Reforming Lord Ragsdale  Carla Kelly
17 Sunshine and Shadows  Tom and Sharon Curtis
18 Last Summer  Theresa Weir
19 Morning Glory  LaVyrle Spencer
20 Sea Swept  Nora Roberts
21 With This Ring  Carla Kelly
22 The Spymaster's Lady Bourne, Joanna
23 Dream Man Linda Howard
24 Heart of Deception  Taylor Chase
25 Breathless Guhrke, Laura Lee
26 Heart of Fire  Linda Howard
27 Not Quite a Husband Sherry Thomas
28 Dreaming of You  Lisa Kleypas
29 Thunder and Roses  Mary Jo Putney
30 It Had to Be You  Susan Elizabeth Phillips
31 The Surgeon's Lady Carla Kelly
32 The Wives of Bowie Stone  Maggie Osborne
33 One Summer Karen Robards
34 The Emerald Necklace  Diana Brown
35 Dance  Judy Cuevas
36 Lady Gallant  Suzanne Robinson
37 Nightfall  Anne Stuart
38 Joe's Wife  Cheryl St. John
39 Faro's Daughter  Georgette Heyer
40 Sugar Daddy Lisa Kleypas
41 Wolf in Waiting  Rebecca Flanders
42 A Fine Work of Art  Shelby Reed
43 The Duke of Shadows Duran, Meredith
44 Ride the Fire  Pamela Clare
45 Cry No More  Linda Howard
46 Out of Control  Suzanne Brockmann
47 The Phoenix Code  Catherine Asaro
48 The Windflower  Tom and Sharon Curtis
49 MacKenzie's Pleasure  Linda Howard
50 The Lady's Tutor  Robin Schone
51 Match Me If You Can  Susan Elizabeth Phillips
52 Passion  Lisa Valdez
53 One Good Turn  Carla Kelly
54 The Madness of Ian Mackenzie Jennifer Ashley
55 Paradise  Judith McNaught
56 The Serpent Prince Elizabeth Hoyt
57 The Libertine's Kiss Judith James
58 Lady of Quality  Georgette Heyer
59 Anyone But You  Jennifer Crusie
60 A Debt of Honor  Diana Brown
61 Prairie Wife  Cheryl St. John
62 To Love a Dark Lord  Anne Stuart
63 The Monk Downstairs  Tim Farrington
64 Virgin River Carr, Robyn
65 Devil in Winter Lisa Kleypas
66 Heaven, Texas  Susan Elizabeth Phillips
67 Simple Jess  Pamela Morsi
68 Devilish  Jo Beverley
69 Skypirate  Justine Davis
70 Perfect  Judith McNaught
71 Bliss  Judy Cuevas
72 Winter Garden  Adele Ashworth
73 My Dearest Enemy  Connie Brockway
74 Welcome To Temptation  Jennifer Crusie
75 Sleeping Beauty  Judith Ivory
76 Libby's London Merchant  Carla Kelly
77 All the Queen's Men  Linda Howard
78 A Family for Gillian Catherine Blair
79 Born in Fire  Nora Roberts
80 Caressed by Ice  Nalini Singh
81 A Much Younger Man  Dianne Highbridge
82 Slow Heat in Heaven  Sandra Brown
83 In the Midnight Rain  Ruth Wind
84 Menage Emma Holly
85 Family Blessings LaVyrle Spencer
86 Games of Command  Linnea Sinclair
87 Slave to Sensation  Nalini Singh
88 The Reluctant Heroine Dawn Lindsey
89 The Nightingale's Song  Kathleen Eschenberg
90 All Night Long Michelle Jerott
91 Kinsman's Oath  Susan Krinard
92 Upon a Wicked Time  Karen Ranney
93 Render Unto Caesar  Gillian Bradshaw
94 See Jane Score Jane Gibson
95 Slightly Dangerous Mary Balogh
96 Silk and Secrets Mary Jo Putney
97 The Lone Rider  Lauren Bach
98 Texas! Chase  Sandra Brown
99 The Trouble With Joe  Emilie Richards
100 Heart Throb Suzanne Brockmann
Total 100

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