Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let me quote the Urban Dictionary: "Something that sucks to a higher level of sucking. This is called suckitude."

Okay, so "why has she been MIA?", you ask. I got laid off on Monday. As you can imagine I have been feeling a tad depressed. I have been complaining about this job and have been meaning to update my resume for a while now, so looking at the bright side, this is a good thing. I'm getting 6 weeks severance pay plus they are paying my insurance through the end of October.

It's just the way they did it that pisses me off. My boss's boss calls me in at about 10:15 am with the HR rep and basically says you are no longer employed as of this very minute. Pack your stuff and leave. Or I could leave right now and come back later to pack. Well, of course, I gave them a piece of my mind. I have the most seniority of all the test engineers, but he sheepishly confessed that lots of other testers were being laid off too. Basically, my job has been outsourced to China. Wonderful, huh? Anyway, I was out the door (in shock) by 10:30 am and will go back to pack my stuff on Friday. Wasn't able to say goodbye to any of my friends.

Turns out they laid off 20% of the employees that day. The company has been making a series of bad management decisions (IMHO) and had a drop in sales last month. Best of luck to them (NOT).

My elbow problem has been much better lately. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week and I think it has helped. My insurance covers the whole thing but now that my insurance will be cut in half (Bob's plan still covers me), I may have to give that up. But then I'm not typing so much now anyway. I took a picture of the brace I have been wearing.

Oh, well, life sucks sometimes. There's some saying about lemons and lemonade I'm too stupid to quote right now. But you know what I mean. I have been making lists of projects I want to work on like painting the spare room, and reupholstering my dining room chairs. After updating my resume and job hunting (yuck). But I have more time for reading and blogging. Say a prayer for me to find job quickly. :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm a winner!

Yes, I won a contest at Cindy's. Woohoo!! $25 gift certificate for online bookstore of my choice. I loved the video she made of the drawing. Cody is so cute. Thanks, Cindy!

I'm on quite a roll lately. I just found out the other day I won a book at LibraryThing. I signed up for their Early Reviews program where you get can get free ARCs. Problem is there are very few romances. I requested this book and won:

I have no freaking clue what kind of book this is or who this author is. Has anyone read her? I should do some research. Some of the tags are "urban fantasy", "vampire", "paranormal". I should check out her website. I hope it has some romance. Oh, well, it's free.

Oh, yeah, and I won this book from Katiebabs in one of their Guess That Book contests: Demon Kiss by Eve Silver. A signed copy! Thanks Katiebabs and Kristie for having these contests.

I also won another book at LT's Early Reviewers a couple months ago:

I have no clue who this author is either. It kind of looks like chicklit. I have it sitting on my nightstand. Part of the expectation of winning the books is that you will write a review and post it on LT or your blog or wherever. I will probably crack it open after I finish my current book.

I can't believe how lucky I've been lately. I enter lots of contests and rarely win anything.

Elbow update: Went to the doctor today and she gave me a referral to an occupational therapist who specializes in hand/arm problems. I think that will be just the thing. It is settling down and feels a bit better but still aches when I type too much. It's now telling me to get to bed.

Reading now: My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne
Good so far. Not quite as gripping as The Spymaster's Lady but I love the heroine. Smart and tough and a real fighter. Hero is a sea captain and very yummy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Elbow problems

Well, I'm still having pain in my right elbow so, consequently, I'm not typing much. I finally made a doctor's appointment for this Friday. I'm not sure I'll be able to post much this week (not that I've been doing much anyway). I have been wearing a brace and it helped a lot at first but not so much anymore. To top it off I banged my elbow on the door and that didn't do me any good (damn it - I'm a klutzy idiot!)

I'm working on this spreadsheet at work and it's going slow. I'm not setting any speed typing records. And I'm trying to use my left hand for my mouse which takes some of the strain off using my right hand. My left hand has not quite got the knack of left click and right click. My mom was ambidextrous but I am definitely NOT. God, I hate this!

Anyway, I'm still around reading a bunch. And trying to keep up with bloggers.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...