Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blogger MSWord plug-in

After the fiasco of my last review when I lost everything and had to reconstruct the entire post, I went looking on the blogger help page. I remembered seeing something about a free Word plug-in. Sounds good to me. It gives you a tool bar for Word that has buttons for Settings, Open Post, Save as Draft, and Publish.

Sounds perfect. Except for one small problem... you must have MS Word 2000 or higher. And I'm still using Word '97. When I was a student at UW, Microsoft was giving away free software hand over fist to the comp. sc. majors and I got a bunch of stuff including Word '97. Now I'm just too cheap to go buy the latest update. We have the latest at work, of course, but Microsoft has over-engineered Word to the point where doing the simplest things drives me crazy. I have a real problem with font and formatting changes jumping around. grrr.

I suppose I could beg one of my MS friends to buy it for me at the employee discount price, but it's probably got an inflated footprint and will use up what's left of my hard drive. Then I'll need a new computer. Well, for the time being I'll just use Word and copy and paste.

****** Wow, it happened again, only this time my entire computer crashed when I hit Save as Draft. Bizarre! When I re-booted it did a checkdisk and the whole time my heart is thumping and I'm realizing I have not done a backup on my computer in quite a while. So basically, I freaked out! Well, at least blogger saved my post. And everything is good on the computer, but I wonder if my hard drive is failing. Well, crap. *******

If it's not one thing it's another. ::sigh::


Rosario said...

Renée, you should try w.bloggar ( ). It does just what the plug-in you mention does, and I absolutely love it. For some reason, version 4.0 didn't work for me, so I'm still using v3.03. If your computer's old, you might have the same problem, so I suggest downloading that one. Hope it helps!

ReneeW said...

I remember you mentioning this program somewhere but I couldn't think of the name. Thank you, thank you. I'm going to go check it out.

Rosario said...

I couldn't remember if I'd posted about it here already. I ALWAYS recommend it whenever someone complains about blogger eating one of their posts ;-)

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