Monday, August 08, 2005

Can't resist a book sale

I'm really failing at keeping my goal of reading from Mt. TBR rather than buying more books. I was at the Fred Meyer yesterday for no apparent reason (OK, I was just going to look at the book section). It's under construction ..argh.. It was a disaster area. Everything in the store was moved and I wandered around for 15 minutes looking for the book section and couldn't find it (I hate asking a clerk). On my way out the door I spotted it by the cash registers. And what do I see?... A sign for Buy 2, Get 1 FREE. (sigh) Of course, I found 3 books.

Passion (Valdez) (this is the main reason I was in FM looking for the book section)
Crimson City (Maverick)
Carved in Stone (Taylor)

If I hadn't found Passion I don't think I would have bought anything. So in actuality it cost me $14 plus tax (but I ended up with 3 books for that price so I won't whine anymore). I need to get me some more willpower.

I grabbed Men of Courage II on impulse from the library new shelf and have been trying to finish it. I read the last story by Jill Shalvis first and it was nothing special. Really just too short. That's the problem with anthologies for me. I'm not too excited to read the other two by Lori Foster and Donna Kaufmann so I abandoned it for now. Maybe I'll finish it before I return it to the library.

I just started The Givenchy Code and I'm enjoying it so far. It starts out like a chick lit type in first person and rapidly turns into a romantic suspense type. I really like the puzzle solving angle and the heroine has BS in mathematics (just like me). I'll write a review when I'm finished.

I'm listening to Ten Big Ones and LMAO. Why do I find these books so funny when most blogs and message boards and reviews complain about how tired they are of Stephanie and all her silly antics? I finally figure it out ... it's C. J. Critt. She is the reader for the books on tape and her voices and for all these characters are brilliant IMHO. The New Jersey accents, and other various cultural accents just seem so authentic to me. I have tried reading one of these books in print and it just wasn't nearly as funny.

Speaking of reviews, I really need to cut down on the length of my reviews. They are just too time consuming to do right. In the future I'll just write a brief synopsis of the story along with what I did and didn't like, then a grade.


Kristie said...

I haven't read the Maverick book yet but I did read and love both Passion and Carved in Stone. Looks like the start of an interesting series with Carved in Stone

ReneeW said...

The story concept of gargoyles was so unusual that I couldn't pass it up. I didn't know it was the start of a series though.

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