Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Givenchy Code by Julie Kenner

I don't know what genre this book is categorized as but from what I read I would call it a cross between chick lit and romantic suspense. Melanie (Mel) is a grad student at NYU with a BS in mathematics and history. Stryker is an ex-marine who has recently started his own security business. The plot involves a game that appears to be morphed from an on-line computer game called Play.Survive.Win where there are three players: a target, a protector, and an assassin. Of course, Mel is the target and Stryker is the protector and Lynx, the assassin is trying to hunt her down and kill her. The game is like a scavenger hunt involving clues and cyphers only with deadly consequences. The story is told partly in first person from Mel's POV and third person from Stryker's and Lynx's POV.

I loved the clues, cyphers, and cryptology aspect of this book. I have a BS in mathematics (and computer science, as well) and I was able to figure out some of the clues before the H/H (one clue involved the formulas for a circle and a line which I immediately recognized - cool!). The action was fast-paced and non-stop. I couldn't put it down and I finished it in a day. There were scores of references to designer brands (too many) and current trends. The ending seemed to be typical chick lit in that there was just a sense that they would get together again and maybe start a real relationship. Kenner's 'interview' at the end suggests that they will briefly appear in the next book, The Manolo Matrix.

My Grade: B+

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