Friday, August 05, 2005

Harvard's Education by Brockmann

I have been on a serious Brockmann reading binge for a while now and I think it's time to take a break from my goal of finishing all her TDD and Troubleshooters series this year. It's not that I haven't enjoyed them. I have. Brockmann's books are always so crowded with characters that I was afraid that I would forget who they all were from book to book. But all these reviews I have recently been writing will help me so that I can pick up the next book in the series and know who everyone is. This is all part of my series OCD (it's a sickness, I know). That's the real benefit of blogging.

Harvard's Education is the 5th book in the TDD series and I liked it the best so far. In fact, I highly recommend it and it's a keeper. The two main characters are African American and Harvard and P.J. are very fully developed. Harvard is a big bad Navy SEAL and PJ is a FInCOM (sp?) agent when they are assigned to work together. Harvard's comes gradually to love, respect and regard PJ as his equal SEAL team member. I loved PJ. She is kickass, tough, strong, resilient, resourceful, highly intelligent and deserves her chance to prove herself. She is probably the best female character in all the Brockmann books I have read so far. SPOILER (highlight to view this): Only the fact that that PJ was a virgin made me consider lowering the grade for the book for an instant. But considering PJ's personality and background, it really made sense and made me believe it.

My Grade: A

OK, that makes several books in a row I have given a Brockmann book an A. I'm beginning to be afraid I sound like a fangirl. And I swear I'm not.

Here's a recap of my grading:

TDD series
Prince Joe B
Forever Blue B+
Frisco's Kid B
Everyday Average Jones B
Harvard's Education A
6 books left in the series to read

Troubleshoots series
The Unsung Hero C (disliked the WWII story and the ending)
The Defiant Hero A-
Over the Edge A-
Out of Control A
5 books left in the series to read (unless Brockmann writes another one)


Rosario said...

Re: the spoiler and how it makes sense for P.J.'s personality: exactly! In most books it seems gratuitous, but here Brockmann gives us good reasons for it, so I didn't mind at all.

I liked the Unsung Hero better than you. WWII story: yuck. Tom and Kelly: hmmm. David and Mallory: WOW!!! ;-)

ReneeW said...

I agree with you totally about WWII story, Tom & Kelly and David & Mallory (loved these two). But the ending really spoiled the whole book for me. It was just so melodramatic! (Spoiler: I'm referring to suicidal heroic act with the boat and the bomb). It came across as too soap opera-ish for me and I was rolling my eyes.

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