Thursday, November 03, 2005

Crappy Day

I think my SAD (seasonal affected disorder) is kicking in early since it usually doesn't hit me until December. It's dark when I get up and dark when I get home and it's pouring rain. I NEED SUN! I'm starting to binge on carbs and that's a sign that I'm going into hibernation mode and won't come out of it until Spring (I'm part grizzly bear). I'm in a stinky mood as you can tell.

I looked at my blog this morning and the sidebar is missing. WTF? What happened? I'm not in the mood for this. Maybe when I republish it will reappear.

I'm at work and I'm supposed to be typing my weekly status report which I HATE. I have several half-finished blogs on some books but husband has been hogging the computer in the evenings and I have been trying not to blog while at work. So much for good intensions. I have been reading some very good Cheryl St. John books that I want to blog about. Maybe tomorrow. I'll try to be my usual cheerful self then :)

To: My Manager

Subject: Weekly Status

I did a bunch of good shit this week so quit bugging me so I can do some more good shit.



Megan Frampton said...

Sorry about your day...there's a lot to be said for the sun. And carbs, but the sun is better for you.
I enjoyed your status report! If only...

CindyS said...

Seriously, are you my twin?

Hubby bought me a SAD light last Christmas. By February no one wants to be near me, not even me. If only you could warp out of your body when things got dicey ;)

CindyS (hoping the Sun heads your way!)

ReneeW said...

Cindy, I want a SAD light, too! Where does one get one of these? Home Depot? Today is the THIRD straight day of pouring rain and it's getting to me, but I'm in a better mood. Mainly because it's Saturday and I don't have to go to work :)

CindyS said...

I believe that my husband ordered over the internet. There are many different models and such so it's a good thing to look at.

The instructions for the one Bob got me is to sit practically in front of it with some of the light hitting your eyes. So yeah, I have to sit really close but you are only supposed to do that for 20 minutes! I wanted one the would hover over me like a sun that could be left on for an hour or something. I may have to do more research but I was so very glad to have one last year because I was sicker than a dog and I was not depressed!! Bob would turn that light on over my sick bed ;)

I'll do some googling and maybe blog it or I can e-mail you the information seperate.


ReneeW said...

Thanks Cindy, I did some googling and found lots of different lights so I'm looking them over to figure out which would work best for me. Wow, I looked at one site that described the symptoms. While I don't have a severe case, most of the symptoms sound just like mine.

We had a sunny day on Sunday and I can't believe how great I felt, full of energy, and I got a bunch of stuff done. Today it's pouring rain again and dark and I could't get out of bed this morning (an hour late for work :) and I went to bed early. If a SAD light would make me feel better it would be worth it.

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