Monday, November 28, 2005

20 Book Things

Jay came up with this meme idea about our book quirks and then CindyS did it too. It looked like fun so I thought I would try it too but the problem is that I have a bunch of the same quirks as both Jay and CindyS. Oh, what the hell, I can't remember them now anyway. But I may have duplicated some of theirs.

1) I used to dogear pages to mark my place, even on library books (librarians hate this). But I have reformed and haven't done it in about 5 years.

2) I can never find a bookmark when I need one so I end up using grocery receipts or torn off pieces of paper from a newspaper, ad, napkin, kleenex (clean), straw wrapper, sticky note, etc.

3) I have sewn 3 books covers with a ribbon for the bookmark - two for mm paperbacks, and one for trade size and use them all the time. I'm thinking of making a couple more because they are getting worn out. Combines two of my favorite hobbies; reading and sewing.

4) I can read in the car without getting car sick (except on a really windy road - urp - excuse me).

5) I have a hard time visualizing a tall heroine. She starts out tall and after a page, she shrinks down to about 5'4" (funny thing, I'm 5'4"), then whenever the book mentions her height, she shoots up, only to shrink back after a page. This continues through the whole book.

6) I have a hard time visualizing a heroine with slim thighs (see #5). They start out slim then plump up to normal after a page, until their thighs are mentioned again. So it's plump, shrink, plump, shrink, plump ... a losing battle. (Story of my life.)

7) I keep a large Excel spreadsheet listing most of the books I have read, wish to read, and have in my TBR. All of these total over 2400 books. I keep a copy on my PDA (used to torment stalking bookstore owners.) I'm paranoid about losing it so I make a backup copy periodically.

8) When driving in heavy traffic, I read when I stop at stoplights. People sometimes have to honk at me but what the hell, I guess I don't care.

9) I'm very visual so book covers frequently influence my book buying decisions. I bought Goddess of Spring for no other reason than the glitter on the cover. Oooo, pretty.

10) After finishing Linda Howard's An Independent Wife, I tore it into shreds and dropped the tiny pieces into the garbage. Very satisfying.

11) I hate it when characters have names I cannot pronounce. It takes me right out of the story every time the name is mentioned.

12) I like books with pets in them, especially cats.

13) I feel guilty if I don't enjoy a book someone has bought for me as a gift so I force myself to finish it. Even if it's crap.

14) I try to avoid books with a subtle or kisses rating at AAR. I want HOT sex in the books I read (stealing this one from CindyS because it is so true).

15) I love how new books smell (eau de book ink) but I hate how the ink gets all over my fingers.

16) I sometimes buy duplicates of books that I really love to keep one as a spare 'just in case'.

17) I paid $30 for a hard to find collectible book. It's my favorite medieval romance of all time.

18) I have a huge collection of Mary Balogh books I began collecting in the '80s, probably worth a fortune now. I haven't collected the newer books though.

19) I don't have enough book shelves so most of my books are in plastic boxes.

20) Even though I continually try, I still can't break the habit of reading the last page (or chapter) of every book I read.

This was a fun exercise. Anyone else? I need some volunteers here.


Megan Frampton said...

Hey! I did this one, too! I forgot to mention on mine, though, that I can't start a book without having a bookmark, so your #2 gives me the willies.

ReneeW said...

Hehe, sorry about that, but even if I start out with a nice bookmark, I'll eventually lose it somewhere. I'm going to go read yours now.

Suisan said...

I love numbers 5 and 6. I keep hearing a slide whistle as your heroes and heroines switch shapes.

szzhwooooop! szzhwuuuuup. szzhwoooop! szzzhwuuup.

I have a thing about hair color. Sometimes a hero's hair will NOT stay the hair color the author had in mind.

CindyS said...

#3 is just too clever!
#4 I completely envy you. I can't even read a brochure without getting car sick. Give me a map though and I can guide you through anything. It must be the left to right motion.
#10. I only ever tried to destroy a book once and my friend called me Hitler. Haven't been able to do it since.
#11. Exactly
#12 I like pets as long as they don't get speaking parts
#15 I didn't bring up the smell of books because I wasn't sure if it was something only I could smell. Apparently not!
#17 You have to tell us your fav. medieval of all time
#20 I broke my end reading habit of every book but when I can't tell where something is going then I will end peek.

Well done! I don't see any overlap at all.


Tara Marie said...

Renee, I loved your list...

2) 4) 12) 13) 16) me toos.

3) I have 5 different cloth book covers which I rarely use, I bought these, but I like to sew too.

10) too funny

11) "I hate it when characters have names I cannot pronounce..."--I should have included this on on my list.

17) You're going to have to tell us the favorite book--I love medievals.

20) "Even though I continually try, I still can't break the habit of reading the last page (or chapter) of every book I read." I used to do this, it took me years to break this habit and I can admit I occasionally backslide still.

Kristie said...

Just out of curiosity and since we have very similar tastes *grin* what was the book you paid so much for? Maybe if I'm lucky, I have a copy I can re/read.

Jay said...

#11 is the reason I dont read a lot of sci-fi. I detest names I can't pronounce.

I never use bookmarks though. For the most part I can usually remember where I left off. Though I have a couple of times picked up a page or two ahead of where I left off. I'm always so confused!

Rosario said...

1, same here. And 2, I've actually used kleenex, too, and they're the worst bookmarks ever!

7, yay! another excel-loving, backup-making nut, LOL! We could be twins.

10, haven't read that one, but I once tore to pieces a supposed erotica book which turned out to be all about young women being tortured. And then I burnt it. And yes, very satisfying.

11, ugh. And apostrophes in futuristic books! That's my pet peeve.

17, I, too, want to know which book this is.

ReneeW said...

Oh, yeah, I neglected to mention the title of my favorite medieval of all time (that I thought was worth $30) :) Red Adam's Lady by Grace Ingram.

I have thought about doing a review of it but I'm guessing most of you have never heard of it and I thought it would be kinda mean to mention a book that would be so difficult to find.

meljean brook said...

Laughing my head off at the changing heroine -- I do that, too, except mine all end up tall. I have a hard time picturing petite women in my head.

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