Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lost Book

Damn media mail. I ordered a book (Cry No More by LH) from PBS and it was mailed somewhere around October 21 and I still have not received it ::cries:: That's over 5 weeks ago! PBS gave me back the book credit I used for it. And if it ever shows up I'm supposed to let them know, but it's probably a lost cause. I have read CNM from the library but I wanted one for my keeper shelf.

I never received a book that I ordered from once. Course, that could have been due to a flaky seller. I eventually got my money back but they made me wait two more months.

I also traded away two books on PBS and mailed them about 3 weeks ago. And they still have not been received. Not quite a lost cause yet.

What's wrong with USPS anyway? Maybe some postal employee needed something to read. That I could understand since it was a great book.

Update: And there's a postal rate increase coming too, but I'm not sure how or if media mail will be affected. I'll go over to and check it out. OK, here's the scoop. On January 8, 2006 a first class stamp goes from 37 cents to 39 cents and media mail goes up 17 cents from $1.42 to $1.59. That's a 12% increase. So you will no longer be able to use four first class stamps, which is what I have been doing to mail a single book. Four 39 cent stamps is $1.56 so you'll be short by 3 cents. Damn. Spending more money for the privilege of having our books lost. What fun!

Sorry for the bitching and whining.


Karen Scott said...

That's a nice coincidence, I've just reviewed CNM in my Tackling The TBR post. Splendid book wasn't it?

Jay said...

I thought one of the books I had ordered from PBS was lost - actually I was still hopeful but PBS sent me an email saying they were assuming it was lost - but it showed up a week later. They take your credit back again, so make sure you have credits if it shows up.

I've had stuff lost from both and Amazon's used section. Both were relatively easy to resolve though.

Hope your book shows up - I choose to believe it's because the holidays are here - media mail is the low man on the totem pole.

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