Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Misc. Rambling and Ranting

I have about 5 reviews I'm trying to write but my motivation is nil. I could claim I've been busy (partly true) or lazy (much more believable). I really will finish at least one sometime this week. When I'm feeling eh, I like to play around with adding book cover images to my sidebar. Nicole posted about using BloggerBot and I've been having fun with that.

BTW, I'm typing this on our new laptop computer! My fingers aren't quite used to the keyboard yet so it's taking me awhile. I really like an ergonomic keyboard better, but I like sitting in my favorite comfy chair and surfing and bloghopping on the web so it's a trade off. The mousepad is kind of a pain so I have been using keyboard shortcuts a lot and getting pretty swift with them. I'm trying to teach them to my husband but he's got a mental block about anything to do with the computer.

I'm currently reading my second Liz Carlyle book for December's TBR Challenge for Keishon (The Devil To Pay) and I'm loving it, just as I did No True Gentleman. I think Keishon may not have enjoyed the LC she read and has decided that LC is not for her. That's too bad 'cuz I've decided I really like her. Speaking of Keishon, did I read somewhere that she is taking a two month hiatus? Damn! I'm going to miss her. Besides who's going to organize the TBR Challenge. My TBR is out of control.

And what happened to Maili??!!!?? Where is she? This is getting seriously upsetting and we can't allow this to continue. OT: How can we entice xina to start blogging? The girl is extremely knowlegdeable about romance. I think she's read everything and I respect her opinion. And she's articulate. I've seen her posts at AAR's message boards and Keishon's blog.

I picked up some books at the library today.

The last two are AA romances that AAR reviewed and they looked interesting. I have tried a couple AA and multi-racial romances and have been meaning to try some more. AAR did an ATBF recently on multicultural romances and it got me thinking about trying some others. Eric Jerome Dickey wrote one I liked (Milk in My Coffee) and one I didn't (Friends and Lovers). I would like to read more AA authors but I rely on reviews and other readers' opinion before I'll try new authors and reviews of AA books are scarce. If anyone would care to give me some recs for AA or multi-cultural romances, I'd appreciate it.


Rosario said...

Máili said December, right? If she's not back in 3 days, we'll send out the search parties.

And yes, I'd love for xina to start a blog, too! Did Máili's post urging people to start their own blogs get lost or could we still find a copy to email xina?

ReneeW said...

That's a great idea but I think it was lost when she accidentally deleted her blog. I'll go over an see if I can find anything.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...