Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday adventures

I went to Costco today and was surprised at how uncrowded it was. Don't get me wrong, it was very busy and as usual I had to park in their far back parking lot but that was only 1/4 full and I found a spot near the front. A couple aisles were very busy but mostly it was smooth sailing. They're big on samples there so I ate my way around from aisle to aisle sampling crackers with brie, granola, Chex mix, chocolate chip cookies, and salad with sesame dressing. As you see, still craving carbs!

While I was there I picked up Nora Robert's Red Lily for only $4.29 (cover price was $7.99). That's almost half off. I was amazed at how few mm paperbacks they had, only a few bestsellers. They used to carry a huge amount of mm paperbacks but I read somewhere that they are only going to carry hardbacks and trade size in the future. That sucks! They have such great prices.

I am currently reading Dark Lover (J. R. Ward) and really loving it. I feel like I'm the last one to read this. All the buzz on the reader blogs was right. Very sensual and dark. I can already tell I will be reading the rest in the series.

I also have Breaking Point (Suzanne Brockmann) book on tape playing in the car. The last few books in the Troubleshooters series have not been that great. This one is #9 in the series and I think I like better than all the books since Out of Control #4. It's Max and Gina's story, with Molly and Jones' story. No WWII story so far of which I am heartily glad. I never enjoyed those, too distracting.

I plan on doing Keishon's TBR challenge for December where we are reading Liz Carlyle. I have two: No True Gentleman and The Devil To Pay. I know that Carlyle's books are sort of connected but I'm not going to let my series mania get to me so I'll plunge right in without worrying about it. Aren't you proud of me?

Also I got my bedroom blinds ordered and they arrived! I originally wanted those sheer horizontal blinds but the cost was incredible. Then I talked to my step mom and she says they are difficult to clean. I was then going to order aluminum blinds but CindyS suggested wood blinds so I went shopping and decided I really liked them. They are actually faux wood blinds, but they look like wood painted white (Levelor color: white sandblasted). I love the way they look. But one problem, they made a mistake on the order and I have to return one of them. I order inside mount on all three, but one came as outside mount. Their customer service dept. isn't open till Monday. ::sigh:: I'm hoping I can get that one exchanged by Christmas. Bob managed to install the other two with a minimum of cussing. Doing stuff like this always brings out the 4-letter words. Normally, he never cusses and hates when I swear.

I'm going to a handbell concert tonight with my girlfriend so I better get a move on.

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CindyS said...

Ohhh, you'll have to take a picture and put it up. Don't you love when the completely capable husband gets flustered and uses words you were sure he never knew existed? Bob hates when I swear to also. What a hypocrite!

I'm not sure I could handle a handbell concert. I'm assuming what one would be so I am hoping you had fun.


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