Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Seven Things

CindyS tagged me with this several weeks ago. I haven't been ignoring you, Cindy, just too busy getting ready for my whole family (minus Dad) for Christmas Dinner at my house.

Seven things to do before I die:

  1. See Italy (including Florence and Sistine Chapel)
  2. See cathedrals in France
  3. See castles in England
  4. Re-learn to play the flute
  5. Know all my grandchildren
  6. Visit every state (in the lower 48) in our RV
  7. Lose weight and KEEP it off

Seven things I Cannot Do:

  1. Whistle
  2. Say 'no' to Gail (the church lady)
  3. Vote Republican
  4. Not cringe when I see Danielle Steele shelved with romance
  5. Read LKH
  6. Eat brussel sprouts
  7. Sing

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse:

  1. His voice
  2. His laugh
  3. His mechanical ability (Mr. Fix-it)
  4. His work ethic
  5. He's crazy about me ;)
  6. His support for my career change and return to college
  7. His intelligence (hey, he married me didn't he?)

Seven Things I Say (or Write) Most Often:

  1. Hmmm.
  2. Darn (var. Dang)
  3. Shit
  4. Anyway
  5. Really
  6. What was I thinking?
  7. I don't think so

Seven Books (or Series) I love: (just seven!?!)

  1. The Notorious Rake (Balogh)
  2. Red Adam's Lady (Ingram)
  3. Pride and Prejudice (Austin)
  4. In Death series (Robb)
  5. Dance (Cuevas)
  6. Duncan's Bride (Howard)
  7. Dreaming of You (Kleypas)

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:

  1. When Harry Met Sally
  2. Pride and Prejudice (A&E)
  3. The Wizard of Oz
  4. My Fair Lady
  5. Emma
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird
  7. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Seven People I Want To Join In (Be Tagged):

I don't think there is anyone left to tag. How about these if they haven't already:

  1. p.devi
  2. Crystal
  3. Meljean
  4. KarenS
  5. Suisan
  6. MistyG
  7. And whoever else hasn't done it and is reading this :)

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P.Devi said...

OK, Renée, I (with much dragging of feet) played along. After all, it's still easier for me to do these memes than it is to write a book review. :-)

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...