Thursday, November 17, 2005

Girls' Night

I'm going to see the musical Cats tonight with a bunch of my girlfriends (Bob HATES musicals so he won't go with me). I bought 10 tickets to get the discount rate but I still was one person short until last night when I scrounged up one more person. Whew!

I'm looking forward to it. I saw it about 10 years ago in downtown Seattle, but this production is at the local community theatre. Their productions always get rave reviews so I hope it's good. I saw several other musical there and they were wonderful. Cats is a bit of a strange musical to me because as I recall there is no real plot, just cats dancing around and wonderful music (love the finale - Memory).

On the reading front:

I am reading Crazy Hot (Janzen) and was having a hard time getting into it. I found it kind of confusing trying to figure out who was who and what the hell was going on. But I'm on page 146 now and really enjoying it.

I am also reading Hot Target (Brockmann) on tape. I have never read a book with a gay storyline and it's pretty good. And I like Cosmo and Jane too and was happy that the WWII story is very minor compared to previous books. Brockmann needs to give that a rest. I don't want anymore WWII stories.

That's all for now.


Megan Frampton said...

Are you only allowing yourself to read books with "hot" in the title?

Hope you had fun tonight.

Tara Marie said...

I had the same thoughts about Crazy Hot, too many characters to keep track of, but then it gets better and I'm looking forward to picking up Crazy Cool.

Hate to admit it, but I've given up on Suzanne Brockmann.

ReneeW said...

Yes, this is HOT week. Just got home from the theatre and we had a good time considering no alcohol was involved since it was a work night. I'm very close to giving up on Brockmann but not quite yet. She peaked for me with Out of Control. I'm going to try Breaking Point next.

Karen Scott said...

I went to see Cats many years ago, and apart from when they sung Memory, I was bored shitless.

I mentioned to somebody that I'd been to see it, and when they asked me what I thought of it, I told them it was ok.

I was given the video of it for Xmas that year. Sigh.

CindyS said...

The only type of theatre I can do are comedies. I loved Chicago when my best friends teen group did it. I think she was also in something called the Bell's Are Ringing. Then there was the one she was in at college that was fun.

Seeing as how my friend is in theatre I have seen excellent plays and then horribly stupid and downright frustrating plays.

I went to see Phantom of the Opera and came out furious. What in the world was that all about. I'm waiting for Phantom of the Opera II.

The only play I would like to see now is The Producers but Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick aren't doing it anymore and well, I don't live anywhere near where they were playing. I'll have to wait for a movie version ;)

Glad you enjoyed your night out though!!


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