Sunday, October 30, 2005

Recent Reads

I have the reading blahs. I just can't get interested or enthused about anything I've been reading lately. I think the problem is that I recently finished and loved Match Me If You Can so everything else I have started lately has been suffering in comparison. I also started two books (1 erotic historical, 1 romantic suspense) and could not finish either of them so I took them back to the library.

Instead of reading today I have been looking online for blinds for the upstairs bedroom windows. I am the queen of procrastination! The summer before last while I was unemployed I went on a major redecorating binge upstairs with the (very reluctant) help of my husband. I ripped off all the old dark baseboard and aluminum blinds, repainted the bedrooms, and replaced the light switches and electrical outlets (without electrocuting myself), and painted the new baseboards. Bob put in the new baseboards, crown molding, and new six-panel doors. Then we put in some new carpeting. Sounds nice doesn't it? Did you notice I failed to mention anything about new blinds? Well, the thing is (::blushes::) the windows still have sheets on them :) It has been over a year! Ok, ok, I know, I'm a lazy lout. But the ones I want are so expensive so I keep putting it off and Bob (bless his heart) never nags (but really, I bet he doesn't even notice :) Anyway, I'm determined to get them ordered since I have company coming for Christmas.

I checked the price again today (of course, not cheaper). I really want those sheer horizontal blinds, 'cuz they are so beautiful but one window will be $600 and the other almost $800!! Yikes, it's time to get practical and face reality. ::sigh:: So I'm ordering the aluminum blinds (way cheaper). But what color? Those color swatches online just don't help. So it's off to Home Depot to see the actual thing. As you can tell I'm procrastinating again and way off topic.

Here are some books I want to review but I'm feeling too lazy to say much:

One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley
This regency historical begins with the heroine, Becky Ward, running away from her cousin, the evil Russian prince, and his Cossacks. She falls asleep on a doorstep when Lord Alec Knight happens upon her, takes her home, and she sacrifices her virginity to him so he'll protect her. If any of that plot sounds plausible to you, then you'll love it, but I just couldn't get my mind around it. Hero, Alec, was quite charming and there was good sexual tension for a whole two or three chapters. It was a fast, smooth read but I just didn't buy the Russian prince bit. My Grade: C+

The Lily Brand by Susan Schwab
This book was just too creepy and you know how squeamish I am. Lily is forced by her very insane evil step-mother to pick out a prisoner (an English prisoner of war) in a French jail to take him home as some kind of sexual slave. Chains and torture were involved and I had a hard time with it. This was a debut novel for Schwab and I'm not sure if I'll try her again. My Grade: C

The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Guhrke
I can see why this is such a controversial book. Adultery is not an easy subject to tackle. I didn't particulary care for either H/H but I found myself asking "Was the story believable and did I buy the HEA?". My answer was yes to the first but maybe to the second. The whole subject made me a bit uncomfortable and was very thought provoking. But, heh I'm not Dr. Phil, so I guess I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I ended up liking it. My Grade: B

Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle
I enjoyed this book because of the unusual storyline and the scarred hero. The heroine is a police detective who is part of a team looking for a serial killer that is murdering strippers. She is a former dancer that lost her twin sister who is believed dead. She poses undercover as a stripper in a sleazy strip club. The hero is a former special forces agent who suffered a serious injury to one side of his face and body from an explosion. After his injury he discovers he has psychic abilities and the police are using him to help them catch the killer. I really liked both the H/H and there was great sexual tension. Plus I was very surprised by the identity of the killer. My Grade: B

Every Waking Moment by Brenda Novak
I enjoy Novak's Cold Feet and this one sounded good from AAR 's review. The heroine has been terrorized, brutalized and humiliated by her controlling abusive boyfriend for six years. And they have a five year old son together. It was hard to fathom how someone could remain in the power of some sicko for that long. Maybe I didn't want to believe it or I didn't care about the characters. Whatever. Anyway, I couldn't finish it.

The River Devil by Diana Whiteside
I couldn't finish this one either. The writing style was a little bit stilted but maybe I just wasn't in the mood (it was very erotic). So I took it back to the library but I think I'll give it another try later.

Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich
I think I've reached my limit on Stephanie Plum. Ok, I don't want to hear "I told you so" :) Someone is trying to kill her AGAIN. She blows up several cars AGAIN. And it was not her fault AGAIN. She can't make up her mind between Ranger and Joe STILL. Her whacky antics with Lula gave me a few laughs but I'm ready for a little growth from Stephanie and it's just not happening. I'm not sure I will try the next one or not. Unless I hear that there is something different I'll probably just pass on it. My Grade: C


CindyS said...

The Evanovich. It was the last one published right? I found her new job extremely boring and I am getting miffed about the price of the HC. I actually have enjoyed most of her books and hey, if it makes me laugh then the book was worth it. My personal faves were books 4, 5 and 6. Maybe I'll re-read them.

The Holly Lisle was the only one that sounded interesting to me but I am over suspense romance in a big way!

Also, I'm beginning to think you are me, blogging under a different name ;)

The whole great book blues, check.
Procrastination, double check. (I have been buying scrapbooking supplies for 2 years - I have yet to scrapbook)

Have you considered wooden horizontal blinds? That might be different enough that you don't have to look at the metal blinds. I feel your pain. We have white (aged to a muted grey) minis on our dining room window which is huge. The one time I mentioned taking them down my husband told me they cost him a fortune (prev. wife ;)). I haven't had the heart to tear them down or maybe I'm just procrastinating ;)


ReneeW said...

Yes, it was the last one published. I liked the previous one, Ten Big Ones, and blogged about it. I agree that if it makes me laugh it is worth it. Maybe this one wasn't as funny as the rest so I started nitpicking about other stuff. Who am I kidding, I know I'll read the next one looking for more laughs.

On a previous redecorating binge I went through the same routine on my kitchen, family room, and den and replaced the alum. blinds with wood blinds and really love them. But they are heavy raising and lowering them. And since the windows in the bedrooms are even larger, I thought they would be too heavy. But now that you mention it I realized why I didn't want alum. blinds in the bedrooms in the first place. When it gets breezy and the windows are open, they start banging around because they are so light, making a horrible racket when I'm trying to sleep. Hmmm, I think I'll check out the prices. Thanks!

It's so nice to find another great procrastinator. I've resisted efforts by my friends for years to start scrapbooking for exactly that reason. I have a sewing/craft room full of crap and unfinished projects already.

Megan Frampton said...

I read the Holly Lisle and liked it, but was not surprised by the identity of the killer, which bummed me out because normally I am clueless about such things. I liked Sandra Schwab's book more than you, although it was so over the top. Never read Evanovich.

Avid Reader said...

I wish I could justify spending money on 300 page hardcover by Janet Evanovich but there is the library. Her books are simply put: fun. But they've lost something for me which is why I quit reading them since Hot Six.

I'm making an effort to not read anymore sicko, twisted antagonists with murder sprees. I hate pyschological thrillers, too. If there is any murder to be read it will be during the Victorian period, Regency period or 18th Century. What's difference? Sometimes the motivation is different.

CindyS said...

Hmmm, yes, wooden blinds might be too heavy. Don't know if you have a Blinds To Go store near you but there are these fabric blinds now although I'm betting they're expensive. ::sigh::

Check on the craft supplies without use although, the last few years I have been making glass ornaments by squirting two different paints into glass balls and then shaking the paint to get a 'fancy' effect. I also made teeny tiny boxes for ear-rings and stuff. I think they are cute but that's about as crafty as I get.

Megan!! You've never read Evanovich!? Ow. No, I'm alright, ow. The first book was good, the second was better, the 3, 4th and 5 were the bestest eva! Ribs were cracked! Comedy is different though and it's slapstick which I normally don't get so I was shocked at how well this series worked for me. I burst out laughing on the second page. Next time you are at the bookstore just pick up One for the Money to glance at and if the you aren't busting a gut by the third page, don't buy it.

CindyS (hi-jacking yet another forum - sorry Renee - you'd think I would blabber on at my own blog - oh, that's right, I do!)

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