Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tools and Books

OK, true story. My husband loves tools. When he makes his Christmas list every year he gets out his Sears tools catalog and circles the items he wants, dog ears the pages, then turns it over to me. That's it, his list is complete. I'm not kidding!

So the other day he decides he needs a new chainsaw. No, he's not a lumberjack wannabe (hmm, well maybe he is since he has the suspenders and the plaid flannel shirt). He had a gas powered chainsaw that went kaput that had many years of service cutting down and trimming trees and branches. So he sees this electric chainsaw on He loves ordering stuff from Amazon because they usually have pretty good prices and he doesn't actually have to go into a store. We ordered our wide-screen TV (too big and expensive, but I lost that battle) and our gas barbeque (love it) from them. But he makes me place the orders since he is computer-phobic.

I go to place the order and what do I see in my shopping cart at Amazon?? A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton :) How did that get there? Oh, I know, I put it in my shopping cart a while ago, but I needed a larger order to get free shipping. I hate paying for shipping. So I placed the order for both the chainsaw and book with free shipping. Pretty sneaky, huh?

I really should have ordered more books to take advantage of the free shipping but he was standing there annoying me (you'd think he could click a few buttons by himself). So he has his fetish and I have mine :) But really, his is more expensive.


Megan Frampton said...'re getting an electric chainsaw and a traditional Regency. I wonder if the order packer at Amazon will wonder WTF? as he completes your order.

Thanks, Renee!

CindyS said...

That is Bob and I to a T! Bob's Home Depot and I'm any bookstore within 40 km radius ;)

He once said something about the amount of money I have spent on books. I looked at him and said, 'you do realize we own 2 pick-up trucks for all your tools'. Yeah, conversation over.


ReneeW said...

Megan - Exactly! It struck me as strange too :)

Cindy - LOL, my husband has TWO pickups too!

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