Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My weekend

It was nice having the house (and remote control) to myself this past weekend but the weather was lousy. It's such typical Memorial Day weekend weather for the Seattle area. In all of my 30+ years living in this area, I remember very few sunny MD weekends. I wanted to do some gardening but it was too soggy. So I did laundry, finished a quilt top I volunteered to sew for the church ladies, went to two birthday parties, and went on a Linda Howard re-reading mini-binge thanks to Tara! Mostly I just skimmed through the good parts :) of these books:

Mackenzie's Pleasure (my favorite Mackenzie book)
All the Queen's Men
Duncan's Bride
After the Night

Also she mentioned a book by Alison Kent, Four Men and a Lady, that I have in my TBR, so I pulled it out and was glad I did. It turned out to be an enjoyable read (B+). Another thanks to Tara!

Oh, and I rented (with my free blockbuster coupon) the first LOTR which I admit I have never seen before and I enjoyed it.

Bob said he had a good time golfing although I don't understand why he thought it was fun. The first day of golfing their cart's battery ran down and they had to push it up and down the hills over 6 holes. The next day they asked for a cart with lots of 'juice' but the cart they got had two speeds - fast or stop. Every time he stepped on the pedal it would go full blast, then when he let up on the pedal it would stop. Can you picture these two guys getting whiplash all over the course? They both came home with sore necks and I couldn't help it, I laughed my a** off just picturing it.


Zeek said...

I absolutely adore Linda Howard's books- moreso her oldies but still buy her new ones every time out. I think I've read her entire backlist!

Besides the Mankenzie's (and by the way I cried like a baby at the end of Game of Chance not only because I knew the series was over but because of the scene between Wolf and Chance.)

My favorite Howard is probably "Son of the Morning".

CindyS said...

Crap. I don't think I labelled my Howard books.

I took all this time properly boxing up all my books only to have Bob go into the room and re-arrange everything. I just thought of that now...holy cow, I'm about to have a panic attack!!

Geez, I knew something was bothering me but now I know what it really is. All those emergency boxes that had Anne Stuart on them are somewhere in the back of the room covered by about 100 boxes.

And, breathe.

I'll post a pic of the box room over at my blog so everyone can laugh at my supposed plan.

Hmmm, I guess I can go to the bookstore tomorrow and buy some essentials...there all better ;)

I'm glad you had a semi-nice weekend - it was blazing hot here and we finally got in the pool. Woohoo!


ReneeW said...

Zeek: Oh, boy, a new visitor! I too have read Howard's entire backlist. Her newer books have not been keepers like the oldies but I have not given up on her yet. I need to re-read Son of the Morning. Thanks for reminding me.

Cindy: Not to be rude but you are killing me here! blazing hot + pool = me, extremely jealous. We won't get hot weather till August. You must post some pictures of all those boxes. Men can't resist rearranging things, can they? I don't envy you packing up to move. I hate moving. Bob is a worse packrat than me and over the years we have collected too much crap.

CindyS said...

August! Sometimes I just don't know how good I have it and I always think that Canadians have it worse because we're *north*. I guess you must be farther north than I am.

We just finished our first heatwave of the season - 32 degrees celcius with the humidex making it feel like 40. All I know is it was haaawwwwt.

I posted a whine over at my blog with a picture of the boxes. Good news is I have made my leg stop it's shaking.

Isn't it amazing what men think is fun? I would be bitching up a storm if I was pushing a golf cart around but then women think it's fun to move furniture around to get a new look ;)


Tara Marie said...

No thanks necessary, there's nothing better than a good Linda Howard binge. I'm still on mine, reading MacKenzie's Mountain.

Sandie said...

OMG, I'm still laughing over your posting...I honestly get how your Bob and friend could have a good time doing all that work during a vacation.

For me:
vacation=sit on my butt & read+little to no cooking/cleaning

But, maybe I'm a little off my rocker.
Great Blog!

ames said...

I can't believe you haven't watched LoTR. LOL I said the same thing once to one of my coworkers and he looks at me and says deadpan, "It's not like I'm a horrible person for not watching those movies. I don't kill puppies." He made a good point - LOL

Have you read the LoTR books Renee?

ReneeW said...

cindy: I looked at a map a while ago and I think we are further north.

tara: MM is on my list too.

sandie: you're not off your rocker, you're incredibly sane. That's my idea of vacation too.

ames: LOL. I may be the last person I know who hadn't seen it. But I DID read the books several years ago and it helped me keep track of what was going on in the movie.

Karen Scott said...

I haven't read a Linda Howard book in months. I went through a phase where I did nothing but buy and read her books. I may have overdosed slightly, so I'll give it another couple of months before I endeavour to go there again!

ReneeW said...

Karen: Yes, I have OD'd on an author before but I predict you will be back reading her eventually. Sometimes out of the blue I'll think of a great scene from one of her books. Then I go digging through my keepers because I just have to read it right now.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...