Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Books and authors and readers and reviewers

Delicious by Susan Mallery was very. Delicious, that is. KristieJ did a review and she got it exactly right. I agree with her and I can't be arsed (as KarenS would say) to do a review so go check out her review.

I have detected a note of hostility lately between authors and readers all over the internet these days. CW posted a terrific summary of all the strife that has been going on between authors and readers all started by a rant (letter) posted at SB by PCCast about ARCs. MJD chimed in and stuck her foot in it too. All very fascinating. She's also the one that dissed reviewers and then called it sarcasm over at RTB. PCC tried that ploy at SB too. Ladies, please, spare me, I'm not falling for it. As a teenager I used to be a snot to my sisters and then called it sarcasm, but my mom didn't fall for it then either.

KarenS wrote an article at AARs ATBF about how utterly worthless the RITA awards are (to readers anyway). Several authors have posted comments including Rachel Gibson, Lucy Blue and Laura Kinsale. IMO The best part about the RITA awards was the train wreck awards ceremony last year and all the buzz it created for weeks afterwards. LLG dissed epub authors and Jaid Black called her a pickle (well, sort of, she said it was an accident and I believe her. But still, I get the giggles every time I read it).

Adele Ashworth got her feelings hurt by something written about her latest book by a reader on the reviews MB at AAR. I thought the reader's post was too long and nitpicky but she's entitled to her opinion. AA should have just ignored it. I don't think you can win this type of argument over a MB. I tend to ignore long posts by readers anyway and figure lots of others do too.

So everything is not lovely-dovey, chocolate and roses between readers & authors, and authors & authors, huh? All this drama has caused some reader to quote whatsisface "Can't we all get along?" Why? I'm loving it. Great entertainment. I'm just glad none of my favorite authors is involved in all this. I really don't care what authors say to each other. And I really don't care if authors call readers and reviewers f*cking stupid as long as they don't flame me personally. Easy for me to say because authors that have done this are ones I don't read anyway. If Anne Stuart or another favorite said something like that I may have to re-think my attitude.


Karen Scott said...

Well, all's quiet on the Western front now, until the next skirmish. Usually I don't post at AAR - too much drama, but it was my column, so how could I not? *g*

Anyway, what would we do without an internet war every now and again?

ReneeW said...

Karen, I loved your column and the controversy it stirred up. I tend to keep my mouth shut through it all because you, Maili, Bev, Keishon and many others are so much better at articulating their thoughts than I am. All I can do is nod my head (yeah, what she said). But I love reading it. I can hardly wait for the next blow up :)

Kristie (J) said...

I find myself almost reading with my hands over my eyes. It's like I don't want to read all that drama - but I read it anyways. And - sadly for me - LLG was an author I respected - emphasis on was - at least until she switched publishers (but enough of that rant). Of the 3 main combatants, I think she came out of this latest fray looking veddy veddy bad. On the other hand - I thought LJ showed a lot of class - even though I didn't have the concentration powers to completely understand everything she said - still - she quite impressed me. And I'm a lot closer to buying myself some EC books now than I was say a week ago.

ReneeW said...

Yeah, LLG should never have started that one. I didn't understand much of it either. Hell, it took me a while to figure out what POD meant! (it means publish on demand). But interesting to watch two authors duke it out on a reader board. I felt like I was rubbernecking while driving by an accident on the freeway.

If you can, you must try the EC book that KarenS, Keishon and I liked: A Fine Work of Art by Shelby Reed.

CindyS said...

Ahhh, my twin sister. How I should have known that like me you would pop some popcorn, pour an ice cold coke (insert drink of choice) and sit and watch the fireworks ;)

I was laughing my ass off because for the first time I saw authors on a reader's board bitch slapping each other. I mean, c'mon! That's gold!

I didn't really read everything because sometimes people are long winded (uh, me) but when LLG kept insisting that making 60 grand a year wasn't very much money I just about fell out of my chair. For that alone, I will not add any more gold to her coffers. Apparently she is rich beyond my wildest imaginings and I need my 10 bucks for ... Anne Stuart!

Oh and Kristie, you must have missed the 'oh woe is me' post by LJ - I had to stop reading half way through because it was one lengthy missive and I didn't feel the sympathy.

CindyS (buying more popcorn and prepping for the next blow-up)

Tara Marie said...

If we take the outsider looking in view point, all of these situations are rather funny, all the melodrama, subtle and not so subtle name calling.

I was laughing my ass off because for the first time I saw authors on a reader's board bitch slapping each other. I mean, c'mon! That's gold!

I'm with Cindy, it's quite entertaining. Fresh blood brings out the sharks to feed.

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Yeah, sister mine, I haven't been so entertained in months. You are NOT what I would call long winded. When I wrote this I was thinking of one person (who shall remain nameless cuz I'm scared of her - NOT a blogger) who hangs at the MBs and writes a tome quite frequently. You, on the other hand, are extremely funny when you tend to ramble and always make me LMAO. Did you see LLBs attempt to calm the waters with LLG? She did a pretty good job but at this point I don't think LLG will be back for quite a while.

Tara: not so subtle name calling. I suspect LLG has heard the pickle name before and was not amused :)

Megan Frampton said...

Renee et al:

Like some of you guys, I just watched from the sidelines, nodding my head in agreement, or shaking in disagreement.

I wish I had had some popcorn, though!

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