Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Must read before year end

Hmm, OK, here are the 2005 books I absolutely have to read before the end of the year:

Hot Target (Brockmann) Grade = B-
Breaking Point (Brockmann) Grade = B+
My Surrender (Brockway) Grade = DNF
Dark Queen (Carroll) Grade = B+
Killing Time (Howard) Grade = B+
Origin in Death (Robb) Grade = B
Black Ice (Stuart) Grade = A
The Marriage Bed (Guhrke) Grade = B
The Devil to Pay (Carlyle) Grade = B+
One Night of Sin (Foley) Grade = C+
Ride the Fire (Clare) Grade = A-
Match Me If You Can (SEP) Grade = A
His Secondhand Wife (St. John) Grade = B+

I think there may be a few more that haven't made it to my spreadsheet yet.

Update (11/4/2005): Making progress - should be able to make this goal before the end of the year!

Update (12/29/2005): I going to make it! Almost finished with The Devil To Pay.

Updatge (1/1/2006): Yay! Finished them all!

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