Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch

I have read books in the past that involved thieves and I must say they just didn't set well with me. The one that comes to mind is Hidden Riches Honest Illusions (Roberts). There was such a carefree, unapologetic attitude to their "business" that just made me uncomfortable. Like it was just another business and they were proud of it. Huh? They were stealing to make a living and one step away from possibly going to prison. And they were raising their children into the business. Maybe that's where my personal ethics really kicked in. It's one thing to steal, but it's just wrong to get your kids involved.

Anyway, Samantha from Flirting with Danger is also a thief. But somehow in this book it works for me. Sam started stealing because her father was a thief and trained her in the business from a young age. Her mother had thrown her father out of the house when Sam was about five and he took her with him. I would have liked more details about this but not much was explained. Her father died in prison and Sam is pretty much alone with a only a few thief friends.

Sam meets billionaire Rick when she breaks into his Florida mansion. She discovers a trip wire for a bomb just before she is caught by Rick. The bomb goes off and Sam saves Rick's life. What follows is a rather convoluted story about discovering who was trying to kill Rick and steal from him (there was another thief in the house that night) and I had difficulty following it. What saves the story is the emotional bond that develops between Sam and Rick. And the sex was hot! I like how Sam's character develops and the epilogue was great. The author's note mentions that Sam and Rick's story will continue in another book. I'll definitely be reading it!

My Grade: B


Sorsha said...

Hidden Riches didn't have thiefs in it.
You probably mixed the title with either Honest Illusions or Sweet Revenge .

ReneeW said...

Sorsha - You're absolutely right. I should have checked this. It's Honest Illusions that I was thinking of. Thanks for the correction!

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