Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Out of Control by Shannon McKenna

Davy McCloud is a martial arts instructor and private investigator. Margot Vetter is on the run from a sadistic stalker who she believes killed her boyfriend and framed her for his murder. Margot is working as an aerobics instructor next door to the martial arts studio where Davy works. She approaches Davy to ask his advice and help. Davy has had the hots for her ever since he spotted her working in the women's gym next door. I rolled my eyes at the copious amounts of mental lusting by Davy but his language and internal talk was very male and realistic. Well, I think so anyway, since I sometimes think I have no clue how men think. I know it is usually rude and crude which Davy's definitely was.

The sensuality in OOC was very steamy and sizzling. The sex scenes were plentiful and hot hot hot. They were also very well done so you won't be tempted to skip them (I read every word :). The story was fast paced and interesting but I had a couple of small quibbles. First of all I'm rather sick of perverted killers in RS with descriptions of violence against women and animals. I read one recently that I could not finish because it was just too horrible. In OOC fortunately that theme was a very small aspect (maybe 10%) of the story so I was able to get through it without chucking the book at the wall. The violence was rather mild compared to some other RS I have read recently but one scene in OOC turned me off. (Spoiler: There is one scene where Margot finds a dead dog on her porch. I hate reading about dead animals and blood splashed all over. I skimmed over this part).

The second problem was the thoroughly TSTL moment by the heroine. Throughout the book she is running away from the bad guys, one especially who is an insane sadistic pervert. When Margot makes a false (and stupid) assumption near the end of the book that Davy was the creep that was stalking her then runs away straight into the arms of the sicko stalker, I wanted to strangle her. She redeems herself later when she uses her guts and brains to attempt to save Davy.

I'm getting immune to the improbable RS plots that involve danger interspersed with sex. This one was more enjoyable than a lot of them.

My grade: B-


Kristie said...

This is one I've been wanting to read since it came out but dithered on whether to pay the higher trade price. I was going to when I got my gift certificate but then checked and saw it's coming out soon in MM. I decided I can wait that long - it's tough though. I really liked the first 2 in the series!

ReneeW said...

I think you'll like this one too. Only a couple small quibbles that I mention (which may not bother you). I hate TPB prices. Definitely wait for the mm.

Caro said...

I can't bear when animals die in books, even from old age. I especially hate when a beloved pet, with which the hero or heroine interacts, is killed. On an intellectual level, I know that murderers often degenerate from torturing and killing animals to humans, but I don't want to read about it. I'm too much of an animal lover. Interestingly, a group of mystery lovers (writers and readers) discussed taboos within the genre on the DorothyL listserv last year (I think!). For many, there was only one: don't kill the dog or cat.

ReneeW said...

Caro - I love animals too and think that's good advise for writers. Although I don't mind so much when an animal dies of old age, reading about bad guys killing and torturing animals just turns me off. I don't want to read about it either.

Karen Scott said...

Renee, all of Shannon Mckenna's heroine's have TSTL moments of utter stupidity, but even though I shouldn't, I really liked all her books. Even Return To Me was a good read for me. Her books come under the heading of guilty pleasures.

ReneeW said...

Karen, I have read a couple other McKenna's but I don't remember the TSTL moments. :) But I do remember that she writes good sex scenes. So good sex scenes cancels out TSTL moments, right? And the heroine did redeem herself. Loved your blog about all the controversy regarding amazon reviews. You are awesome!

Reese said...

Hi there,

Re: the TSTL moments - I know people can't stand them, but they do add tension to the plot. Imagine a suspense plot where the chick's in the house. She's locked the door because there's a sicko on the loose. Her husband goes out to do - whatever - and tells her not to open the door, unless she hears his special, fancy knock.

She hears a knock. It kind of sounds like her husband's knock , but kind of not ... what's she going to do?

Of course, she's going to be TSTL and open the door. And who's going to be there? The sicko, of course.

Anyway, I'm not defending TSTL heroines. I'm just saying they're good for driving suspense plots.

If you're interested, I have an interview with Shannon on my blog.

By the way, this is a great blog! I'm happy I stumbled onto it.


Tara said...

I love Ms McKenna - I REALLY love Davy and his troubled, hot and sexy brothers! As far as the Trade $ goes, there is actually as solution for that!

After all, we know we just HATE to have to wait and we're not going to stop reading!

Please let me know what you think.


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