Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

This is the second book in the men of 'Steele Street' series and this one was as fast paced with non-stop action as the first one, Crazy Hot. The series is based on a top secret government task force called SDF (Special Defense Force) that is based in Denver where they operate out of a converted garage (and former chop shop). The sex and testosterone fairly oozes out of the pages and while not terribly realistic, I really enjoyed it!

The team was formed by General Buck Grant and is comprised of a tough group of ex-military and non-military men who were all busted together as teenagers for auto theft during the take down of the chop shop. And they all have a passion for hot cars along with their passion for women, of course. Secondary characters were Betty and Jeanette (from Crazy Hot) and Roxanne (from Crazy Cool). No, these aren't women, they're souped up muscle cars! They play major 'roles' in these two books (or should I say settings since there was sex in the back seat, sex in the front seat, sex on the hood with the engine running! etc., etc.). Whew!

In this installment Christian Hawkins is called back from a mission in South America where two of his teammates are in deep trouble in order to attend an auction gala (sounds sooooooo realistic, right?). His goal is to protect Katya Dekker, daughter of a US Senator. Christian and Katya have a past history. They were lovers as teenagers when Christian was arrested and jailed on false murder charges. Katya knew he was innocent but said nothing. Christian was released after two years but the murderer was never caught. Although Christian still feels her betrayal, he finds he is still attracted to Katya.

Although there was lots of sexual tension, the plot was improbable and filled with holes, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. I love alpha males and they're done very well here. Even with the holes in the plot, it was an wild exhilarating ride.

My grade: B


P.Devi said...

Oh, I totally agree with you! It's one of those books I loved despite its flaws. I cannot wait for the next two in the series and hope they sell well enough that Janzen'll write some more (all the characters aren't currently slated to get their own main romances, IIRC from the promo pages at the end of the books.)


CindyS said...

I tried to read Crazy Hot but I got to them speeding out of town and stopped. I think I have been 'over-Brockmann-ized' (new word) and need a break from romantic suspence. I'm sure I will enjoy it down the road.


Kristie (J) said...

Over the top, unbelievable these books are, but for escapism they are terrific. I've loved 'em so far and the next one is out this month - yippee!

ReneeW said...

p.: I hope all in the SDF get their own story otherwise I see big trouble for Janzen :)

Cindy: over-Brockmann-ized is a good word and I'm with you. Her voice is starting to grate on me. I saw repeatedly where Janzen is being compared to Brockmann but I really don't see it. I hope her next books are more realistic. I still haven't got tired of RS but it could happen.

Kristie: It defies logic that I like these books so much. But I am looking forward to the next one.

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