Wednesday, January 25, 2006

AAR Annual Reader Poll

I'm working on my list of favorites to vote in the Annual Reader Poll over at AAR. Some categories were easy to fill in and others I'm having a hard time with so I think I'll be leaving some blanks. I really hate some of those negative categories because they seem sort of mean spirited. Plus, the results are absolutely meaningless to me and don't give me any feedback on picking out books which is the whole point of doing this exercise and reading the results.

I'm having trouble with the following categories because I don't keep track of this stuff. I noticed that Rosario (aka Queen of the Spreadsheet) has a column for h/h. I suppose I should add a column to my spreadsheet too.

Best Hero
Best Heroine
Best Couple (probably Eve & Roarke again)
Best Villain
Guiltiest Pleasure - I don't feel guilty about reading anything... well, except if there is lots and lots of sex (something Freudian about that, huh?) I feel guilty about buying but never reading :)
Author Most Glommed - I'm not glomming as much as I used to.

I think there's a gapping hole in this poll. They have Best American Historical, Best European Historical, and Best Medieval/Renaissance. What about an historical set in Egypt or India or Austrailia or lots of other places? You know there are other places in the world, right? And we are all sick of the same ol', same ol' places, right? How about a category called Best Non-European-American Historical.

I dislike the following categories. The results of previous polls in these categories seem way to negative and I really could care less.

Author You Gave Up On
Author Others Love that You Don't
Most Disappointing
Purplest Prose

I'll probably leave these blank.

Anyway, go vote everyone!


Rosario said...

Hmm, should I start signing "Rosario, Queen of the Spreadsheet"? Would you guys start calling me Your Majesty if I did?

As to the poll, well:

Best Villain always gives me trouble. I can never figure whether to vote for the evilest villain, the one who scared me the most, the one I liked the most and want to be redeemed... I tend to end up voting for the most complex one. That said, I'm happy with my choice this year, even if it's not very traditional.

Guiltiest Pleasure I take to mean books that I objectively know aren't that good, but that I just couldn't help but love. The "I can't believe I'm enjoying this" books. For instance, I usually detest alpha cavemen, so Shannon McKenna's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me (nope, didn't vote for her here, but only cause I haven't read anything 2005 by her).

The negative categories I tend to have trouble with because the 2005 books I read are usually books I've been eagerly anticipating and have wanted to read so much that I either bought them new or bought them used immediately, and then had them couriered here. So they tend to be pretty good books. I mean, the "worst" book I read from 2005 was a C+. It was the worst 2005 book I read, but I wouldn't really be comfortable voting it for worst book of the year!

And really, looking at the results of the past years, Lucy Monroe's The Real Deal and Brockmann's Gone Too Far? No way those were the worst books published in 2004 and 2003!!

Avid Reader said...

What I find funny is to see the same book win in two opposite categories, where one is the Best Read Ever and then the other category is a win in the Author Others Love that You Gave Up. Quite funny. Very contradictory. Happens a lot.

When I vote in these things, I leave a lot blank spots. I think they discard the ballot if it's not at least 35% filled in, don't they?


Caro said...

I have trouble filling out the Best Villain category, but not for the same reasons as Rosario. I can never remember exactly WHO the villain was. Yes, I know there was a villain in such-and-such a book, but usually I can't recall any pertinent details about him/her, even in books I liked a great deal. And this year I won't be able to vote in the Best Regency Trad category, which makes me sad. I tried to read the two most talked about trads from 2005, Dedication and The Perfect Earl (?), but something prevented me from finishing them. Neither grabbed me like older trads used to do.

Kristie (J) said...

I fill in the "worst" categories. It appeals to my inner bitch, the one that otherwise rarely comes out. Plus the ones I picked for most annoying and most disappointing got pretty good reviews so it's not like my little vote will make any difference. But I did give that evil little laugh when I filled it in. I never have trouble with author I gave up on because I'm usually pretty annoyed with them. And I thought and thought about who would be best villian - I'm like Rosario - do we go for the nastiest or the one we would like to see have his own book? It's a dilema. But I'm predicting who I picked will win.

And to Rosario - I curtsey to your excel queenliness *grin*

sybil said...

I LOVE the poll. But mostly because I get rec's that way ;). IF it is a book I have never heard of I look it up, much fun.

You should email LLB or if there is an addy on the poll page use it, and suggest the Best Non thing. Tis a good idea. Or mention it in the User Survey if you haven't done it yet.

The 'negative' categories are great and really don't have to be negatives - well I think. I mean the Author You Gave Up On... could just be because they changed subjects. You like historicals they now do Women's Fiction. Does that mean the author is bad? No just that you cry at night because you have one less author ;). The 2 & 3 are so interesting to see and the 4 & 5 are like reviews, it is subjective to each persons likes(as is the whole poll really).

Of course I like Nicole Jordan and my GP would be Diana Palmer. So what do I know ;)

ReneeW said...

Yes, Your Majesty :) I see what you mean about guilty pleasure but I still can't think of one. The worst 2005 book I gave a C- but that doesn't seem bad enough.

Keishon: I think you are right that you have to fill in a certain number of choices but I can't remember exactly how many. I'm sure I'll have more that half filled out so I should be OK.

Caro: I'm the same as you, I don't think I ever remember the villain in a book. I try to forget them as soon as I can.

Kristie: My inner bitch was kind of tame today. Give me 5 minutes and I'm sure I can be bitchy. I did think of an answer for Author I gave up on and Author others love but I don't, but not the others. Need to do more thinking.

Sybil: I love this poll too and I think it gets lots of attention from readers and authors. I did mention this suggestion in the User Survey so I hope someone listens. I've never read DP, but I'm sort of scared to try her.

Tara Marie said...

How pathetic am I? I never do this poll, I love reading the results, but it hurts my brain too much to actually come up with answers. Maybe I'll give it a try this year, but probably not.

Jay said...

I'm with you Tara, even though I keep a spreadsheet I only barely know what's a 2005 release and what's not. I voted last year but only in a couple of categories. Unless the interim results inspire me, I don't think I'll be voting this year.

Avid Reader said...

I know I won't be voting. I read maybe only a couple of 2005 titles. Worst book for me? I can vote for Anne Stuart's Black Ice as worst book? LOL. What a good start...


sybil said...

Diana Palmer is just uh I don't know how to say it. But she amuses the hell out of me when she is good and when she is bad she can be better ;). And then not...

I think she is either an author you like or you don't. Or you are keishon and you like one book and since they are all a like that is it. hee

But she screams GP to me. I know I shouldn't like her. I know the books are too alpha, too virginal, too out of time they are set in, too everything. But I like em. Go figure. I think we should all have a GP.

Avid Reader said...

What in da hell is GP, sybil?

Just curious....have you even read the first page of the that other book yet? I am just soooooooooooo curious about your reaction.

Keishon (ducking outta here)

ReneeW said...

Tara: I don't think I could do this without my spreadsheet to look over.

Jay: Yeah, I can understand. Last year I didn't vote, just no interest, but this year I feel differently.

Sybil: OK, recommend one DP and I might try one, but no promises.

Keishon: GP = guilty pleasure :) Wait, did you say Black Ice as worst? LOL, I loved that book!

CindyS said...

I'm with bitchy Kristie. My worst book of the year probably won't even register because I am sure only Jay and I read it and Jay was smart enough to put the book down before she got brain damage. My revenge is to put it in the worst slot.

I don't understand best villain but it has been explained before and I ain't going to ask.

I think you have to fill 6 out which is fairly easy - one year I only read 14 books from that year but I was able to fill 6 out. I have printed the ballet out and have only a few filled in. It's funny how you forget stuff and then there is the 'is it a Eur Historical or just a historical?' Oh well, it's fun and like others have said, I can use it to read other books.

Oh, and if Anne Stuart's book Black Ice wins for worst book of the year I can only sit in smug silence knowing that *I* get her ;)


ReneeW said...

CindyS: I'll be smug with you. I'm debating whether I will put Black Ice or another book down in the Best Romance category. I already have it listed under RS.

I've decided to leave Worst (and Best Villain) blank. Any book that is worse than a C- at about the halfway point I never finish (brain damage, yeah you're so right :). I think I have all but 5 or 6 filled out so I'm going to submit the poll tonight.

sybil said...

hee I think my fave would be Lawless... it is the typical DP novel ;).

And yep that is what a GP is, I shall try to start on 'that other book' as soon as I get back from my moms ;).

Avid Reader said...

we must have posted at the same time!

Avid Reader said...

whoops, i'm having a senior moment.....Keison, Sorry ReneeW. Have a good weekend.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...