Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can you freeze chocolate truffles?

I'm going to resolve to stop apologizing for failing to post some reviews. I have lots of excuses, all valid but I won't enumerate them here. I'm sure you're sick of my whining.

I went to see the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, all by myself. My husband hated the first one (I loved it) and had no interest, plus he had to work yesterday. My daughter also had no interest. It was very good, but I don't remember the book being this dark. Not a children's movie at all. The story was a bit uneven in spots and not as good as the previous three, but I still enjoyed it.

I want to start cutting back on the snacking so I can get back to Weight Watchers, but I have this box of chocolate truffles that my neighbors gave us. It has two foil bags inside the box and we have eaten (OK mainly me) about 1/2 of one bag. I was going to bring it work and leave it in the kitchen where I know it would disappear but truffles are just too decadently good to give away to this crowd (they'll scarf up anything :) These truffles are to die for. Seriously wonderful. I wish I could share them with all of you! So I'll try freezing them and I hope that doesn't ruin the fabulously smooth texture.

BTW, I'm trying to read Goddess of Spring (on chapter 2). I don't know if I like the fantasy bit. Oh, wait, Harry Potter is fantasy. I'll have to re-think this.


CindyS said...

I have Goddess of Spring in the pile also but I don't think I told myself I had to read it this month. As for chocolate. Freeze them but make sure you take one out and let it thaw completely before eating. I freeze normal chocolate thinking it'll slow me down but I end up sucking on the frozen thing like a popsicle. Not a proud moment.


Jay said...

Goblet of Fire the book was definitely dark. It was like the turning part in darkness. I wasnt sure if I was going to see the movie because GoF wasnt one of my favorite books (and I dont really like the movies in general) but I ended up seeing it twice. Once regular and once in IMAX. Blah blah I'm babbling now.

I'd like to try one of the Goddess books but I want to start from the beginning and I have felt very inclined to find it at the library.

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Decided to freeze the unopened foil pouch and eat the rest of the opened one ::sigh:: the sacrifices I make. I will try to resist sucking on them like popsicles before they thaw, but I have zero patience so I'll probably be breaking a tooth on them.

Jay: It's been so long since I read GoF that I'd forgotten how dark it was. I'd love to see the movie (any movie actually) on IMAX.

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