Thursday, May 31, 2007

Romantic Advances

Y'all have probably heard around the blogs about this new website that provides romance readers with an easy way to check for upcoming releases. I'm probably the last to blog about this (as usual) but I wanted to do my part in case there are reader bloggers or authors out there who haven't heard about it yet.

Sybil and Jane are the creative minds behind this venture (they're geniuses! really) and they have enlisted the help of other bloggers (me included, but my life has been crazy lately... work & home). The website is still in the beta phase so bookmark it and check back often because things are still evolving.

One important thing.... authors can submit their upcoming releases for inclusion directly but they must be from an RWA recognized publisher.

Hop on over there and take a look around.

I love the tag line... "building the TBR mountain, one book at a time"... I'm afraid this is going to be all too true.


Kristie (J) said...

I am just ITCHING to start helping out but this week it's just impossible. My sisters get a bit (read A LOT) snooty if I spend too much time on the computer when we're together.

ReneeW said...

Kristie: Me too! This time of year is crazy busy for me. Should be better next week. I wondered how they decided to divide up the work. Sybil said there were going to start a google group to discuss things but I never got mail about it so maybe they changed their mind. I guess I'll just dive in and hope I don't tread on any toes :) It's going to be fun.

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