Sunday, August 13, 2006

Book Shopping

Went book shopping today and came home with.... nada, zip, nothing. *sigh* There is something seriously wrong with me, I swear. I think I need a therapist or some kind of intervention.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to spend money on books lately. Remember that cartoon where the little angel is sitting on one shoulder and the little devil is sitting on the other? Well, that's how I felt today while visiting two UBS's and Borders Books. Every time I picked up a book (urged on by the little devil) this little voice (the angel) in my head said "you don't need anymore books with over 200 in your TBR". At Borders I had three books in my hand that I really wanted but I put them back and walked out the door. Why, why, why!?! Okay, I know I have issues with spending money on myself. I'm very thrifty. No, not a tightwad. I enjoy spending money on my kids and husband for birthdays and Christmas. In fact, I go overboard a little and they are spoiled rotten.

I am the oldest of 4 kids and we were poor. Seriously. We lived in the projects up until I was 6 years old. My mother used to tell us kids NEVER to mention that fact to anyone because she was very ashamed of it. Okay, I better backup. My parents were married in December of their junior year of high school and I was born the following June. Yup, I figured out the math on that one in Junior High. My dad could not get a job to support his wife and kid so he lied about his age and joined the army which kept food on the table. They proceeded to have 3 more kids one year apart. But after the army my dad went to school on the GI bill, got a real job, my mom went to work full time and we moved out of the projects.

That time must have made an impression on me because I have always been more of a saver than a spender. I hoarded all my allowances and babysitting money and was very careful about spending money on myself.

Bob has the opposite problem and I reign him in sometimes so we balance each other out. He likes to buy me things that are too expensive that make me feel guilty. Remember that gorgeous Brighton purse he bought me for my birthday? I kept it in the box for 3 weeks, on the verge of returning it several times. I eventually worked through it and I use it but try not to think about the price. :)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, books. Sorry, I went way off topic.

I want to keep up with the newest books. My library has a great selection but they don't have everything and they are slow to get books into the catalog. I really need to go buy some books! But every time I do I have the same damn voice reminding me about my TBR. I know there are people out there with bigger TBRs and some of you have told me you have given up feeling guilty, but guilt is my middle name.

So it's time to do a major purge. I did whittle it down last spring but it was only a dent really (about 30 books). My idea is to cut it in HALF and the first place to start is probably the categories. I used to read quite of few of these but the only series I read now are an occasional HH. I'll let you know how it goes.


nath said...

hey Renee :D It sometimes happen you don't feel like buying books, really :D Hard to believe, but true. Nothing's wrong with you, I bet the urge will come back in another trip.

ames said...

I haven't bought new books for myself in two weeks now. Because I have a big TBR.
But I did buy three on Saturday from the thrift store-and I'm proud of myself for putting some back on the shelf. It's all good.

Kudos to you if you can whittle down your tbr. I've tried and the most I can do is two or three books. I'm weak!

Devonna said...

Good for you if you can get through Mt. TBR ~ I just keep adding and adding to mine.

Maybe you just weren't in the mood to buy that day? Hard to believe, but maybe that can happen?

ReneeW said...

Nath: Yeah you're probably right. I just wasn't in the right mood.

Ames: Ooo, I love the thrift store for books. You did good!

Devonna: It is hard to believe but you are probably right. I'm going to give it another shot soon.

Valeen said...

I have this great idea for myself. I'd like to be caught up on a monthly basis. That way I can buy the books that have been released in the past month. Read all the July releases in August.

That's my goal. But looking at the TBR pile - it just ain't gonna happen.

Kristie (J) said...

Wouldn't it be nice if they would just stop publishing new books for about 3 months? Then we could catch up on our TBR piles withought worrying about what we might be missing.

ReneeW said...

Valeen: That's my goal too but I have to be realistic. Maybe if I got more organized I could get closer to doing this.

Kristie: That would be great! But they never listen to us :)

CindyS said...

I'm sorry, after reading Kristie's post I needed to grab an oxygen bottle! Don't do that! I have very few authors I buy so I do have months where I don't buy any books. Makes me grumpy.

First, you must be so proud of your parents! To have achieved all that and raised four kids is a miracle.

Second - the guilt thing is definitely something you might want to do 'self talk' about. I do self talk for anxiety - my brain says things like 'what if' and I change it so 'so what'. It's called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It's getting your brain to stop it's old pattern and create a new one.

Between Bob and I, I tend to keep a tight reign on things although Cheap Bob can show up every once in a while and he's no fun ;) Saying that Bob will buy me extravagent gifts so one Christmas I bought him a towel warmer and yeah, it was 900 bucks. He just couldn't get over that I spent this much on him. Meanwhile, he'll think nothing of spending 2500 on a computer for me! It was months before he was able to enjoy the gift I got him without over thinking the price.

Okay this is getting way long but I want you to enjoy your books without the guilt. You deserve it!

As to paring down the TBR, anything younger than a year gets to stay. Anything you've been looking at for 3 yrs or more has to go ;) Oh, and you will cry and post a blog about the pain. I did a major purge before I got my blog and I ended up on the AAR board freaking out. Pretty, no? Once I wrote it out I went back into the room and books flew!


ames said...

Hey Cindy, that older than one year and it has to go is a good way to purge the TBR. Guess what I'm going to try and do now? LOL Try is the key word.

Sandie said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I agree with CindyS, kudos to your folks.

I will admit that I'm just plain ol' cheap and to actually BUY a book is a big deal for me. I always need the money for something/someone else. There are few authors that I have to buy but I wait until I can get a deal.

You know, my DH has never complained about my cheapness, I think I've taught him how to become more watchful of his spending actually...


ReneeW said...

Cindy: Kristie's post got to me too. Yes, I am very proud of my parents. They were married for 47 years before Mom died. They used to brag about how great all their kids turned out (none of them had ever been arrested ... just kidding of course). We are all pretty normal (?) and all happily married. You and Bob sound like us. I do the finances and the taxes and I swear if Bob hadn't married me he'd be flat broke. I wish you could come book shopping with me and tell me 'you deserve it!' That would work :) I will "try" your advise. 3 years, huh? Get out the kleenex.

Ames: All we can do is try, right?

Sandie: I think Bob appreciates my thriftiness but once in a while he really hates it when he wants to buy something extravagent and I say NO WAY. I'm a party pooper :)

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