Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Visit to the library

I think I have calmed my TBR anxiety for a while by whittling down the pile a bit. Since April I have read 23 books from my TBR and DNF on 4 others.

During that time I tried really hard not to walk into a bookstore and only lost the battle twice I think (one of those times I didn't buy anything). Plus several books on my wishlist at PBS came available so, of course, so I had to get them. But overall, I reduced the pile by about 15 books.

So I gave myself permission to go the library and check out some newer books that have been on my wishlist.

The Music of the Night by Lydia Joyce

I read Veil of Night so I've been meaning to try this book. AAR gave it an A- and a Hot rating.

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

CindyS loved this one so, of course, I have to try it.

Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

This is the 4th book in this series. The other three were fast-paced and fun (although not perfect by any means) so I had to get this (and the next two I'm sure to round out the series).

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll

Not sure why I had this on my wishlist but I did love P&P so it will be interesting to revisit Elizabeth and Darcy. Plus I heard the sex was hot, so that's a plus!

Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu

I loved two others by Liu, Tiger Eye and A Taste of Crimson, and I think several bloggers liked this (can't remember who) but some didn't. We will see how it goes. I'm on Chapter 3 and liking it hugely. I do like the author's voice.

I also got a bunch of books on window treatments to help me figure out what to put on the living room and dining room windows. And I got a wonderful cookbook called "The Best Light Recipes" where they take regular recipes for some favorite foods (chicken parmasian, choc chip cookies, cheesecake, etc.) and created a light version that actually tastes good.

All these books were quite a heavy load. I should have asked for a bag since I managed to drop a couple on my way out to the car. Very fun trip to the library.


Zeek said...

"Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll"

O my, I loved this one! First of all I'm huge P & P fan AND the sex was indeed hot!

(I blogged about it way back if you wanna take a peek ... no spoilers, I promise! http://zeekspage.blogspot.com/2006/03/mr-darcy-takes-wife.html)

ReneeW said...

Yes! I'm so glad. Ya know, I think it may have been your post that made me put it on my wishlist. Thanks!

Zeek said...

"Ya know, I think it may have been your post that made me put it on my wishlist"

Well crapola. On my review? I hope you like it. Now I'm nervous!

::biting fingernails::

ReneeW said...

No worries! We all have different tastes. It is a bit nerve wracking when someone decides to read a book you have recommended, isn't it? I read the first few pages before checking it out and it looked pretty good.

Kristie (J) said...

Isn't that just the pits when you can't find anything at a bookstore when you want to?? I just hate leaving empty handed - it's just.......unatural!

Tara Marie said...

I hit the UBS today and only picked up one book, actually 2 one was a Thomas the Tank Engine book.

I popped over to Zeek's blog and Mr. Darcy... sounds wonderful. It's going on my "want" list.

Loved the Cole, and loved A Taste of Crimson, I think I'm the only reader in romanceland that disliked Tiger Eye and Shadow Touch.

Dance Chica said...

I didn’t like A Hunger Like No Other but I seem to be in the minority with this as I find that a lot other people do.

I haven’t tried Marjorie M. Liu but I’ve heard a lot of good about her books. I’ve got Tiger Eye on my list over at Amazon.

And it is a bit nerve wracking when people read stuff based on your recommendation! I totally agree. lol. It's because people are so different that you know never what will tweak one person's interests.

CindyS said...

Yep, like with AHLNO - I think it was Tara Marie who said that while reading AHLNO she kept thinking that she shouldn't be enjoying it but she did. Having someone put that out there prepared me for the Alpha hero but I do like 'em snappish ;) Hope you like it!

Hmmm, never read P&P but I'm going over zeeks to read the review - might be just the thing.

Also, I've decided that my TBR pile just IS. It's there and it ain't ever leaving so get used to it ;) I'd go bonkers without one.

Damn, I can't believe I'm still talking but I haven't read Liu - I knew TE wouldn't be for me but I have ATOC around *sob*. I need bookcases!!


ReneeW said...

Kristie: I agree, it just didn't feel right. BTW, I did find two books for YOU on the other shopping trip (and some for me of course). They are on your wish list and hope you still don't have them. I'll post over on the swap group.

Tara: Oh, you're the one who didn't like Tiger Eye. You posted about that "cod-piece full of love" quote from the book, right? Hehehe very funny. I'll see if I can find some juicy purple prose in ST. :)

Dancechica: I have heard good and bad about AHLNO but it sounded intriguing to me. I highly recommend Tiger Eye and ATOC. Liu is fabulous.

CindyS: I try to let my TBR just 'be' but it's not working. I need to 'channel' your attitude. :) Bookshelves would be nice for me too but I doubt I'll ever get any. ATOC was very good and worth digging out of your boxes.

Zeek said...

I have to force myself to leave empty-handed at a bookstore ... but that's rare- only when the TBR pile is large.

I've been ticked off at my library lately. I've been trying to get more of Shrrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series and ALL of them are missing, never returned, or damaged.

Also it takes them FOREVER to get in new romance.

And for those who read Mr. Darcy takes a Wife, I hope you enjoy it! be sure to let me know what you think!

Sandie said...

I too reviewed Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife
Scroll down, 3rd from the top.

I agree..hot hot. I enjoyed it, sometimes it was a bit off putting and hard to follow some of the characters but I liked it...no matter what folks wrote about it on the Amazon.com site.

I am gonna add Music of the Night to my TBR.
Thanks Renee!!

Zeek said...

Whew. Another endorsement. Now I don't feel like I'm hanging out there to twist in the wind!

ReneeW said...

Zeek: I am very very lucky with my library system which serves the entire King County area with 45 local libraries. They has a great catalog and website where I can put books on hold and pick them up at my local library. And most importantly, they buy lots and lots of romance.

Sandie: Yes! Thanks, very good to hear. I never pay attention to the amazon reviews. In this case I figure all the Austen 'purists' are bent out of shape.

Tara Marie said...

Ah, the wonderful "codpiece full of love" line, it's burned into my brain as the worse line ever written.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...