Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dentists and doctors

I just got back from the dentist where I had a filling replaced. My lip is all fat and I can't talk so I'll blog even though I should be working. The dentist was trying to figure out how old the filling was and couldn't figure it out (I have pages of dental records) so it must have been older than 10 years. That's something dentists never tell you.... once you get a filling (or crown) it will eventually need to be replaced. They don't last forever. That's why they are all so freaking rich. My previous dentist drove a Jag and it was parked in the front slot of the dental building and he eventually retired at the ripe old age of 45.

Anyway, my daughter had the Lasik eye surgery done yesterday (paid for it herself - yay!) and I had to take her into the eye doctor this morning bright and early so they could check how she is doing. Everything's good. She's a trooper because she planned to go to her 11:30 class but I have my doubts since she went straight to bed after I dropped her at home. Last night when she was having pain she took four Tylenol PM!

Almost finished with Lover Eternal and still loving it! In fact, I'm having a hard time putting it down. I think I like it a tiny bit more than Dark Lover but we'll see how the last 100 pages go.


Sandie said...

Renee-I love JR's world of vamps!
I thought Dark Lover was better than Lover Eternal in story line but how can ya not love a super hot vampire?

Lover Revealed will be out in Sept. I am counting the days until I can read more about Z....

Hope your teeth are doing better!
Have a pain-free weekend!

Jay said...

Yeah I wish my dentists had mentioned that all 95 of my fillings wont last forever. I found out when my latest dentist asked if I was interested in that teeth bleaching they do and then when I asked to hear more, threw in, in a very offhand way mind you, that the fillings I have in my two front teeth had been matched to the color of my teeth and if I wanted to whiten my teeth I'd need to get the fillings redone to match. Ha! Double ha!

After I was done laughing in her face at the idea of voluntarily coming in for more fillings she goes, 'well they'll have to be replaced eventually...these things don't last forever.' My ass they dont!

ReneeW said...

Sandie: Thanks, no problems with the teeth after the numbness wore off. I think the new one is called Lover Awakened (have to check with sybil). I have to agree now that I like DK better because the ending of LE irritated me a bit but I still loved it. I'm working on a short review.

Jay: Ha, is right. They're so sneaky. "we can make your teeth whiter... oh, by the way, that'll be $200 each to replace those fillings". Drumming up more business.

Dance Chica said...

OOoh I like your blog!

About the dentists, I feel ya. I've been avoiding the office like the plague even though I know I need to have a seat in the chair. lol.

I loved Lover Eternal more than I did Dark Lover but then I'm a Rhage girl. :) I did, however, think they were both really good books.

Lover Awakened is the next one. It will be Zsadist's story and it comes out this September. Lover Revealed will be Butch's story. J.R. posted an excert from Butch's book to her yahoo group. I'm sure it'll be making it to her website soon.

Can you tell I am totally in love with these books? lol :)

Mailyn said...

I actually liked Dark Lover way better as Mary got on my last nerve for much of LE. LOL.

But I loved Rhage.

Dance Chica said...

You didn’t like Mary? Really? I thought she was a strong character but maybe I liked her because I felt I could relate to her. We seem to always be on opposite ends when it comes to our books. LOL.

ReneeW said...

Hi dancechica & mailyn! I finally finished LE and liked it but not quite as much as Dark Lover. I didn't care for the ending. I'm writing a short review and hope to post it soon.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...