Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

We're leaving town on a short trip and I'm packing so I don't have time to go into much detail about AHLNO. CindyS, Alyssa, and several other bloggers really enjoyed this book but unfortunately I didn't like it quite as much. My main problem with it was that the pacing was uneven and there were just too many characters and species to keep straight. Vampires, Valkyrie, Lykae, Wraiths, and a bunch of other creatures and it seemed like they all hated each other and were mortal enemies. There was gobs of blood and chopping off of body parts, torture and other grossness mixed with some quirky humor and pop culture that made my head swim sometimes.

The good part was that I loved the hero, Lachlain, leader of the Lykae clan (werewolves). He scents his 'mate', Emma, at the beginning of the book and is totally commited to her immediately although he is pretty pissed to find out she is a vampire. But he slowly learns about her and her species and grows to love her and spends most of the book trying to convince her to stay with him. Emma was a lot harder to like, in fact, she got on my nerves. She's actually half vampire/half Valkyrie, was pale and small with pointed ears! I pictured her as looking like a fairy or an elf. She was rather meek but had a stubborn streak a mile wide. She wanted nothing to do with Lachlain for the longest time. And her family of Valkyrie women were also irritating and funny at the same time. All that screaming!

But I loved the ending when Emma finally grows a spine and kicks butt and how the H/H's inter-species problems were resolved. I think a good 10% of the book could have been cut and the rest tightened up and this would have been a very good book. There were a couple characters that intrigued me so I may pick another one by Cole.

My grade: C+


CindyS said...

My reading twin. I have failed you. :(

Kristie had the same feelings about this book with all the characters and stuff. I also had a bit of a hate on for the Valkyrie and yet, I'm curious about everything. My problem will be if every one of her heroes end up knowing their *mate* and the heroines are the ones who resist. I hope she changes it up a little.

I read the short story that started it all which was the male vampire and Valkryie's story. It was almost the same in that the hero knew she was the one but she didn't know 'nuthin'.

I'll end up buying her next one for sure. I'm definitely in a paranormal state of mind.

I have Twelve Sharp by Evanovich but I have only laughed once since I have started it. I hope it gets better or I'm installing a shock collar that will zap me if I try to reach for her next book in hardcover.


Kristie (J) said...

Like Cindy says, I have the same issues on this one as you do. But, again like you, I'll more than likely try her again.

Avid Reader said...

You nailed it, you nailed the problems for me, too. I haven't finished it yet.


Alie said...

First time commenter, but I just wanted to say that this book sounds really really similar to Underworld and its sequel...

ReneeW said...

Cindy: You didn't fail me. It wasn't a total loss since I'm willing to try another. I can't believe you bought Twelve Sharp! I thought we both swore never to buy her again :) Hehehe. Okay, now I really need to know what you think of it. I can be convinced to try it if it's not too much of a rehash of 1 through 11.

Kristie: I'm thinking of trying the book before this one.

Keishon: Yes, there's got to be a better one by her because it had potential.

Alie: Thanks for stopping by. Never heard of Underworld. Who's the author?

Kristie (J) said...

Yea - me too. I gather it's an anthology with Sherrilyn Kenyon. To be honest I'd never heard of it before I looked Kresly Cole up on Amazon.

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