Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shopping with Bob

Last night Bob surprised me. When I walked in the door from work he suggested we go eat dinner at Bellevue Square Mall and then shop for my birthday present! I was a bit stunned. There was a time he wouldn't be caught dead at the mall or grocery store or anywhere unless it involved tools, hardware, auto parts or lumber. But he has changed recently (I can't figure out why). He now volunteers to go to the grocery store with me and he loves to push the cart. Now this can be dangerous. Impulse buying is his middle name so I have to keep an eye on him 'cuz he'll sneek stuff in the cart.

When we got to the mall he suggested heading over to The Cheesecake Factory. Now this place is notoriously crowded on Friday and Saturday evenings but we got a table and only had to wait 15 minutes. Wonderful food! I had the Luau Salad and it was fabulous (mixed greens, thinly sliced chicken, red & yellow peppers, mangos, green beans, fried wontons, cucumbers, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, and a yummy vineagrette dressing). We were both so stuffed that we wisely resisted dessert but we gawked at them in the display case on the way out. Must try some cheesecake next time (Coffee HeathBar crunch maybe).

So we headed to Macy's and Nordstrom's because I was looking for a pair of black shoes for work. Couldn't find a single thing! I needed something closed toe and everything was sandals and open toe. Bob wandered around with me very patiently. Next stop Coldwater Creek and I found two tops on sale and Bob waited patiently in their comfy chairs (with all the other men) while I tried things on.

I thought we were done but on our way out, we walked by the Brighton store and I had to go in. I found a gorgeous black leather purse (butter soft) that was VERY expensive which I loved. Bob says "I think you should get it!" I said "No, I'd feel too guilty." He said "You should get it." OK, he twisted my arm. I got it and here it is.

Today is my actual birthday (no numbers please) and I know he made reservations for dinner at this restaurant tonight at the top of Cougar Mountain that has a fabulous view of Seattle, Bellevue, and Lake Washington. He really went overboard this year but I guess I should just shutup and enjoy it.

On Sunday (Father's Day) he's going golfing and then we'll have the kids and their respective boyfriend/girlfriend over for a barbeque.

Reading now: Just finished Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu and enjoyed it although it's a strange book. I guess you'd call it a psychic thriller with some romance. But it was fascinating and hard to put down. I just picked up A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole. The hero, Lachlain, is very alpha and the heroine, Emma, is kind of meek. Lachlain is furious to find that fey little Emma is his predestined mate. I like hate turned to love stories so I'm hoping for the best on this one.


Kristie (J) said...

Well happy birthday Renee!!! I'm guessing I think I know how old you might be but I won't say :-)

And nice purse!!! I love the clasp. I guess just go with the flow if Bob wants to do unusual things *g* like shopping.

And I'm liking your TBR pile there - cough *Hope's Captive* cough * The Cobra and the Concubine*

CindyS said...

Happy Birthday!!!

That purse is sassy and yeah, just go with the flow. It's super special when the men suddenly 'see' us ;) I'm waiting for my Bob to remember I'm here - too involved with building work benches and stuff :(


Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love Brighton bags, that one rocks.

Suisan said...

Happy Birthday!!

Cute bag.

And I'm having trouble finding brown shoes. I want closed toes with a slingback heel--no can findy. :(

Zeek said...

Happy Birthday!!!

sybil said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Have a happy belated from me *g*

ReneeW said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I love my new bag.

Kristie: Thanks for keeping my 'secret'. I know you liked HC and TCATC so I had to check them out. :)

Suisan: Brown shoes are impossible to find! good luck with that.

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