Friday, April 28, 2006

I love Friday

I have nothing to blog about lately. Maybe I should post a picture of my cat because, God, I'm boring lately. I'm not being sarcastic or dissing all of you who post pictures of your cats because I really love cats. Seriously.

Here's the only picture I have of my cat, Bailey, on my work computer and it's kind of blurry. I'll post a better one later. Sitting by the back door watching for birds with her paws tucked under her.

She's a grey tabby and a total girly girl cat, meaning she likes us girls (me and my daughter) and hates the guys (Bob and my son). Smart cat :) Except for when she wants to be petted in the middle of the night and comes into our bedroom with her purr engine revving up. Then she snuggles next to me and nips at my hand to wake me up and make me pet her. Shit.

CindyS has a very cute picture of one of her cats and the story she wrote with it made me laugh. Really, Kitty Klaus? OK, sorry, I'll shut up. hehe.

Nicole's Gambit looks much like my Bailey.

OK, enough about cats. Remember my bragging about getting a window office? Well, I'm being punished for my obnoxiousness. The air conditioner in the building is on the frizz. Today it is 75 degrees outside and inside my office it's a whopping 85 degrees and rising. My office is located on the west side of the building and the sun just beats in. Oh, well, they'll figure it out. My sweaty fingers are sticking to the keyboard. But we get pizza and beer this afternoon at 4:00 for some reason that I have forgotten. I don't need either one, but it's a nice thought.

I have about 100 reviews to write so maybe I'll work on one tonight. Maybe. I usually end up falling asleep on the couch on Friday night after working SO hard all week :)

Currently reading: Heart of Deception by Taylor Chase and LOVING it! Some of you told me it was a gem so thank you, thank you, thank you.


Giselle said...

Your kitty is so cute. If I could only get mine to sit long enough for a pic. She's terrified of cameras for some reason. BTW, are there any job openings where you work? Free pizza and beer! That's what I call casual friday ;)

CindyS said...

Awwww, Bailey is so cute, HEY!! Wait a minute! Is that a shot!! ;)

When Emma was a kitten she used to come in while I was sleeping and start kneading my head so she could sleep in my hair. It was cute the first time (she still had claws), after that I would blow in her face. She doesn't come within ten feet of me when I sleep now ;)

Meanwhile, both cats sleep practically on top of Bob and one morning at 6:15 (which is late for Bob) Emma got tired of waiting for him to wake up and touched her nose to his. I swear it was the sweetest thing. Bob woke up and she went into her purring frenzy because she knew food was to be put before her shortly.


Rosario said...

Oh, cutie! Love that pic! She looks so sweet!

And yay! Yep, Heart of Deception is a definite gem!

Tara Marie said...

Definitely a cute cat. I took pictures of Junior and our cat sleeping on the sofa this week. Maybe I need to post one of them, not to be left out of the cute cat thing.

Avid Reader said...

Cute cat, excellent book! I loved Heart of Deception. I thought the heroine, is it Viv?, loved the bad life a little too much at times :-)

ReneeW said...

Giselle: Yes, they spoil us rotten, but it's very common within the software industry. If you're ever in the market for a job find a software company.

CindyS: A cheap shot, I know, but I'm a brat. Bailey does the hair thing to me too but I usually knock her on the floor. I'm going to try that blowing in the face trick. That nose thing sounds so cute :)

Rosario: I finished HOD and it's a keeper. Thanks!

Tara: I saw the picture of Junior and kitty and is was ADORABLE. They're so cute when they're sleeping.

Keishon: Yes, Viv is her name, and what a fantastic heroine. She loved the bad life but I think her status as Queen of the underworld was the real draw for her.

Avid Reader said...

I think her status as Queen of the underworld was the real draw for her.


I haven't read her second book under Taylor Chase name but she is an author I miss. She also writes under the name Gayle Feyrer and she has two HTF books that you probably want to seek out: Prince of Cups and The Thief's Mistress. Or if you have these two already, happy reading, if not, happy hunting :-0


ReneeW said...

I'd be interested in finding the second book (Heart of Night) if it's any good (AAR gave it a B). Gayle Feyrer, hmmm? Must find these. Wish me luck :)

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