Monday, April 03, 2006

Defeating the TBR

I can' stand it any more. I have to tackle the TBR in a major way so I have decided to ONLY read books from my TBR for the month of April. There are about 300 books there some of which have been there for years.

How did this happen? Well, about 5 or 6 years ago I discovered AAR and with the help of the King County Library used book sale, I went on a binge of indiscriminate buying. As a result about a third of my TBR was bought prior to 2002 when I started keeping a spreadsheet.

CindyS mentioned that she is not worrying about her TBR for the month of April and will only re-read favorite books. It's a great idea and I thought about doing this but my TBR is calling to me. Maybe I'll do that this summer on vacation.

Here's my plan... Pick out a stack of books that I bought prior to 2002. Then give them the 100 page test. If they fail, I chuck into the PBS/Trade pile. Most of them have not been reviewed by AAR or TRR and I have no clue why I picked them out except for the fact that they probably only cost me about 25 cents at the library used book sale.

Realistically, I probably won't be making much of a dent in the TBR pile since I only read about 12 books a month. But it will make me feel better. I started on Saturday and have already read two and DNF on a third. Okay, that's progress ;)

Oh, yeah, and I have three library books to finish too. *sigh* OK, I'll finish the one I started (The Silver Rose by Susan Carroll) and take the rest back. I can check them out again later.

Update: I just realized that I have already completed AngieW's April TBR challenge. Cool.


Kim said...

300 in your TBR pile?
Oh, dear...that sounds quite daunting.
Are you going to review them all too?

Rosario said...

Why don't you post a list here of the ones you have no idea why you might have bought? That way we can alert you if there are some gems you should definitely try to get to soon.

Tara Marie said...

Ooo, I think Rosario's idea is a great one, list away and we can help you sort through them. Gee whiz, I might do that with the 200 I've got sitting. And, I only started that pile last year when I started blogging/trading. I can't imagine what mine will be like in a couple of years--frightening--LOL.

ReneeW said...

Kim: No, I couldn't possibly review them all. ;) I'll probably pick a couple to review though.

Rosario: What a great idea! Oooo, a project involving my spreadsheet. ;) Let's see if I can make this look good in HTML. Doubtful.

Tara: It's amazing how quickly your TBR can get away from you. I will be ecstatic if I can get mine down to *only* 200.

CindyS said...

I steadfastly refuse to count my TBR pile. It scares me. I did say that I was going to re-read favs. but I can already feel the stress of not reading from the TBR pile.

I'm weak.


sybil said...

300?? 200??

I laugh at your TBR! hee but I am still at the beginning of my collecting. But have a few more than 300 to be read. And I keeping them! I will read them!

some day...

what? They are almost all off the floor and on the shelves, now at least.

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