Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weekend in Vegas

Bob and I are going to Las Vegas for the 3 day weekend. His folks have a piece of property outside of Vegas that they want to sell and so they are going there for the weekend. They asked us to meet them there so that Bob can look over the real estate papers. I think they want to be sure they are not getting ripped off. They are quite elderly now (in their 80's) and don't trust their own judgment and I can't blame them.

These two amazing people are probably the best mother-in-law and father-in-law I could have. I love them dearly. They have both had heart bypass surgery TWICE and are doing pretty good, but slowing down a little with arthritis and other ailments. We're afraid something could happen to them at any time so we try to spend more time with them. Kind of rough though because they live 1200 miles away in Minot, ND.

I don't really gamble that much but I'll probably hit the slot machines for about 1/2 hour, then I'm done. I usually love to shop in Vegas but Bob's folks can't get around very well so I'm not real sure what else we'll be doing. I hope to get some reading in and relax a little. Bob just asked me if I was bringing my swimming suit. Are you kidding me? With the pasty white skin and rolls of fat? I don't think so.

Of course, can you guess my first concern about what to pack??!!?? Yes, books (easy question). I've got a bunch of books checked out from the library but I better not bring any of those since I'd probably leave one somewhere.

I found a bag of books left over from our vacation last September that I didn't get around to reading yet and thought I should take one of these along. A Rose at Midnight by Anne Stuart was hiding at the bottom of the bag and I immediately sat down and read a couple chapters. Oh. My. God. It's wonderful so far. Why haven't I read this one by now? I've had it in my TBR since before 2003. I'm an idiot. That cover threw me off. Bad cover. Ok, this one goes in the suitcase.

Here's a couple more I'll bring along:

Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson
This is supposed to be a sequel to Keegan's Lady which I read so long ago I don't remember that story at all. I'll need to look up a synopsis online to refresh my memory. I took a peek inside SB and there is a geneological chart showing that the present day Coulter family (Sweet Nothings, Bright Eyes, Phantom Waltz, etc.) are related to the characters from Keegan's Lady and SB.

I don't think I'll need more than two, but I'll bring The Devil's Waltz (another Anne Stuart) along just in case. You can't have too many books by AS along.

Now I need to figure out clothes. I wonder what the weather's like so I better go look for a weather site. Hope it's sunny. We're going to try to bring one suitcase so I have to try not to bring the whole closet along.


Megan Frampton said...

Have a great time! And A probably my favorite AS, which is really saying something. Have fun reading it!

(And, btw, what great news about your dad. I didn't get to comment before, but what a relief. Best of luck for everything).

CindyS said...

Screw the Anderson book!! It's all about Stuart! A Rose At Midnight was wonderful and I may have mentioned that, you know, I loved The Devil's Waltz.

*sigh* If only I had another Stuart to read.

Have fun and take you bathing suit. Who cares. I just walk in and tell everyone that pointing at the whales in the pool is not allowed ;) I have a pool at home and I don't give a rat's ass who sees me in my suit and I ain't no tiny Tim!

Be Safe!

Kristie (J) said...

You and Rosario both leaving at the same time. Have a good weekend! Relax, enjoy and here's hoping you hit a good slot and win lots of money!!
And as I said to Rosario, isn't it odd that the most important thing when we go away is that we take enough of and the right books?

ReneeW said...

Megan: Thanks!

Cindy: OK, I'll take my bathing suit but if I hear any laughing....

Kristie: Thanks I will. Now that I know what books to take the rest is easy.

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