Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Damn, I'm such a klutz. Every morning I make myself a latte with my little espresso maker, then sit down for 15 minutes to read at the kitchen table while I sip a bit of it before heading out the door for work. This morning I picked the cup up by the lid (stupid, stupid, stupid) and it came off, dumping the entire contents of my latte all over my brand new book, The Mysterious Miss M by Diane Gaston. Shit, shit, shit! The entire kitchen table was floating and the mess waterfalled into my shoes on the floor. Lovely! And I was doing so well this morning, I was actually going to be early for work.

Thank goodness I had a cloth book cover on the book and only the edges got soaked, so I'll still be able to read it I hope. I'll have to let it dry and hope the pages don't stick together. What else can you do for a wet book? Now the pages will dry all ripply and I probably won't be able to trade it.

I guess I should be glad it wasn't a library book. A few years ago I had a car with a sun roof (loved that car) and left it outside in the rain with the sun roof open (I know, I'm an idiot!). There floating in a puddle in the front seat was my library book! Thankfully, they let me replace it rather than having to pay the full price. I found a used like new copy at the UBS. I was afraid Bob would have a fit about the soaked interior of the car but he just shrugged. Water dries, he says. Go figure. But it's hell on books.


Tara Marie said...

Hopefully the book can be saved.

Several years ago I had the house to myself (this was BC--before child) for a long weekend and I dumped chinese dipping sauce all over the book I had saved just for that weekend. I wasn't happy.

ReneeW said...

Oh, crap. I can identify. That's worse than a latte or water. :)

CindyS said...

I'm sorry. Do you have dogs? ;)

Bob has put all the chewed up books in a box so I can make a list and re-buy them. What a sweetie. Still don't have the heart to open the box.

Also, I ordered some books online that could not be found in stores anywhere (books on handbinding journals) so I thought, hey, they say I can return them. I ordered them and promptly figured out they were not what I needed. Did I get them back before the 30 days? Okay, day 28 I jump in the car but there is snow but I don't notice it because, uh, yeah, my car is a pit. I do however, have the seat warmer on and the books got wet. I was fuming! So I drive back home dry them the best I could and put them between heavy books.

Day 30 arrives and I take the books out. One book looks just fine the other a little wobbly but I'm thinking no one will notice.

They went over these books with a fine tooth comb. Finally the manager said she could take the one book but not the other one.

Talk about being mad at yourself. I'm a numbnut. Taught myself not to order books I haven't seen with my own eyes ;)


ReneeW said...

No dogs, Cindy, but I have a cat who likes to chew on the corners of books while I'm reading them because she wants me to put the damn thing down and pet her. What a brat!

You amaze me because I do that kind of stuff all the time. I'm the worst procrastinator. You'd think I'd learn my lesson but I never do.

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