Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm still alive

I'm still alive but I haven't done any blogging for a couple weeks. The Christmas tree is not up, nor are the decorations, and my shopping is only partially done. BUT I did finish my Christmas letter and got my cards mailed.

Renee=>Queen of Procrastination

The other girl I work with is gone for a MONTH to India and I am stuck with EVERYTHING. My boss said she would help me but she hasn't done a single thing. So I'm tearing my hair out at work. I am in two handbell groups and this is our busiest time of year. We had a concert and just practiced last night for our Christmas Eve performance at church.

This year is my turn to host Christmas dinner which is stressing me out since I have no furniture in my living room (long story) and Bob is not cooperating with my ideas about rearranging the furniture in the family room so everyone will fit (I'm expecting about 20 people). Sigh!

I'm going shopping after work today (in fact I should leave work right now) and hope to finish up. Then the wrapping begins. God, I feel like such a disorganized mess!

But I have been reading. My current book is The Lawman's Bride by Cheryl St. John and wow, it's a real tearjerker. I love a good tearjerker.

I have some time off next week, so I hope to get back to writing reviews next week.


Rosie said...

Is it a bad thing that I take comfort that someone else is as busy as I am? :). I'm ahead on the wrapping but have a butt load of cooking and organizing to do for Christmas Eve

Dev said...

Sorry to hear things are so hectic. When does your coworker get back from India?

I finished my shopping in November ~ but ask me what I have wrapped. Virtually nothing. Except for a few I wrapped about 2 weeks ago I haven't done anything.

ReneeW said...

Rosie: Damn, I haven't done any baking yet either. I just want to hibernate for two weeks. Wake me when it's over. :)

Dev: My coworker will be back January 2nd. Next Thursday and Friday I will be the only one in my group that will be in the office so I will be in charge. Hopefully I can just veg. Hey, I'm so jealous of everyone who has finished shopping. Not fair (she wails).

CherylStJ said...


{{{HUGS}}} on the meltdown. Me, too. My husband decided it would be a good time to work on drywall in a re-model that's been going on since MARCH! My house is covered with white dust, and we're having company in three days. My living room is stacked with boxes and the furniture is draped in plastic.


On the bright side: Thanks for reading The Lawman's Bride, and I hope it takes you away from the chaos for a few hours.
If you read this on Thursday, come see my blog at Petticoats and Pistols!

CindyS said...

Good Lord we've switched spots! I think I have most everything done but wrapping gifts gives me hives. I have been judiciously avoiding it and I know I'm about to pay for it.

What is with hubbies not getting in line. Show him your inner R-Rex - that'll get him moving ;) Bob knows that at this time of year, if I ask for something, it's not because I'm feeling lazy. It's because if he doesn't do it I'll leave ;)

Sorry about work, that just sucks. Again, another reason I don't have a job - I would walk into the bosses office and drop a ton of paper and go 'yeah, I've done 90%, see if you can't knock off this 10 for me, m'kay'.

So instead ((((((((Renee))))))))


nath said...

Hi Renee!!

Good luck for getting everything ready :D sometimes, I guess it's good that my family is not that into the Holidays spirit :P

and it sucks for you at work to be alone and doing all the work!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey You! Good to see you back - I missed you in your absence.
I can relate to your frustrations. At work we just had a month short handed and boy were we stressed!
And I'm having my kitchen redone starting Jan 4. I have to have 11 cupboards completely empty by next week - and then all the other stuff in the kitchen. And then there is the bookcase/shelf situation. And the sound on the computer!
But - you know what has helped me get through all this stressful time?
A good movie - or should I say series. I realize now isn't the time for you to watch it - you have yourself enough right at the moment - but after Christmas - after New Years - when you need time to wind down from all the Holiday Havoc - I have JUST the thing for you to watch. I'll tell you what it is if you want. There are a few who will confirm this if you ask them.

*evil laugh*

ReneeW said...

Cheryl: That's the downside of having a husband whose handy. I feel your pain. My husband decided to remodel a bathroom and it took him over a year! The dust and mess drove me crazy. I finished Lawman's Bride and loved it. A good cry is so refreshing :)

Cindy: R-Rex will be coming out of hiding by Saturday so stand back. I had my revenge on my boss today. I didn't finish running my test cases and so dumped the rest on her plate via email on my way out the door at 5:00. Plus I was supposed to give work estimates for a couple of new projects today but the meeting was postponed till tomorrow so that means she has to do it (hehehehe - payback's a bitch) since I'm off work tomorrow. I feel so smug.

Nath: Thanks for your kind words. Things are better since I have the next 6 days off. Yay!

Kristie: Sounds like you're in the same boat as me. Yikes, emptying out cupboards. No fun. Okay, what's the series, is it North and South? I really need a stress reliever for after Christmas. I'm taking a 4 day weekend for New Years and a series would be great.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - yup it is. Since you were absent I'll tell you - Sula, Katiebabs and I have this thing going - The Great North and South Crusade. We did nothing but post on N&S for a week. We had an online pj party; which we saved the transcripts for and posted over 3 days and *squealing real loud* we had an interview with Lisa Kleypas which she very kindly did for me on her thoughts on the series and comparing John Thornton, the hero, to Derek Craven - see I'm not talking the old 70's version - they aren't even remotely the same - the British one takes place in England and is the difference between pastoral, rural England in the South and industrial, dirty England in the North. And there is The Most Incredible Love story!! And we have a couple of contests too.
I stayed up till 1:00 am tagging so all you have to do is click on Great North and South Crusade to find them easily. Now we're (Holly calls it forcing *g* - I call it gently persuading)other romance readers to watch it. So far that I know of 6 people have and most have then gone on to buy their own copies they loved it so much!
It's the Dreaming of You thing again times 3 and much more intense *g*

ReneeW said...

Kristie: You are a force to be reckoned with :) I saw some posts about North and South but I missed the whole Crusade thing. Silly me, I thought it was the American Civil War version which I have very little interest in. Okay, I'm on a mission to find this movie.

Kristie (J) said...

"Silly me, I thought it was the American Civil War version which I have very little interest in."

See - that's what everyone on this side of the ocean thinks or thought - myself included. That's why we are so determined to get the word out that no - it has absolutely NOTHING in common with the Civil War North and South mini-series. Nothing Whatsoever.
What it is, is your favourite DIK romance book come to life with the most incredible cast of characters - and really great actors donning the roles completly. I know a number of people have found it either through Netflix or the library. And since I know we have very similar reading tastes, I just know you will be as caught up as the rest of us. It's a 4 part series produced by the BBC.

CindyS said...

Renee - I'm so proud of you I could just wiggle!! You go with your bad self ;) I just posted over at my place about what a schmuck I am for telling you to release R-Rex. Tonight Bob was snug as a bug in front of the TV with the cat in his lap and the dog at his feet. We have company for a full dinner (turkey - woohoo!!) and the dining room table is full of wrapping and the kitchen hasn't been cleaned in a week. I see him and instead of ordering him about I think 'awww, he works so hard'. I'm a huge sucker ;)

But I'm glad your boss had some payback.


ReneeW said...

Cindy: Yes, I was a bitch but I have no problem with that since she has not lifted a finger for me. Bob sounds like he deserves his rest. You'll never believe what my Bob did so I'll post about it. It's not pretty. :)

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