Thursday, November 29, 2007

Off to North Dakota

We're getting on a plane tomorrow at 7:00 am for a quick weekend trip to Minot, North Dakota for the in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. That means I need to get up at 4:30am ...yikes.

I just checked the weather forecast and today the high temperature is supposed to be 5 degrees Fahrenheit (that's -15 Celcius) with winds 20 - 30 MPH. My, my, how balmy that is going to be! Let me not forget my stocking cap, scarf and gloves. And warm shoes and coat.

Thank you everyone for all your helpful suggestions for a gift of photographs and a BIG THANK YOU to CindyS for the idea of a digital picture frame. I bought one with an 8" screen on sale after Thanksgiving for $99 (regularly $180) and then bought an SD card for only $10. I have been busily copying files to the SD card and scanning about 100 old photos to add to the card too. The scanning takes quite a while especially if you increase the resolution. Some of the old photos are in bad shape so I really needed to have a higher resolution. I think the card could probably hold about 500 photos but I don't have time to scan that many. I think they'll like what I was able to do. It sort of looks like this one.

The picture frame is so easy to use. Just turn it on and pop in the SD card and it starts a slide show of all the pictures on the card. Now if their grand daughter, Jennifer - who has two kids, has some digital photos she wants to share she can pop the SD card from her digital camera into the frame and show them the latest adventures of their great grandkids. I think mom & dad are going to love it.

When I get home from work I must finish scanning and pack my suitcase. Oh, course, figure out what books to bring.

Reading Now: Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice.
YUM, very, very, very HOT. Lots of build up and sexual tension before the sex scenes. Jack has been in love with the heroine for 12 years, but when he comes back in her life she doesn't recognize him (he was just a teenager then and she was very rich). Caroline has lost her parents and brother and is barely making ends meet. She takes in boarders to help pay for the upkeep on the old mansion she lives in and Jack approaches her about renting a room. She needs comfort and Jack provides it. Great sex scenes. There is a back story about blood diamonds related to Jack's previous work that is just getting started now and I'm hoping it doesn't distract me from the main plot. My only complaint so far is that the heroine is just too perfect and beautiful.


Angela James said...

I know for daggone sure no one else is going to say this but, I want to take a quick weekend trip to Minot, dammit. Waaaaah!

Dev said...

Yup, the weather in these parts is pure nasty. I hated the drive home tonight. Love the snow. Hate the driving. Have a safe, fun trip this weekend!

Rosie said...

Can't even imagine it. *shivers* Be safe and have a great trip. The picture frame sounds like a real winner. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

Love the LMR. That's the book that got GG started on his latest romance reading craze.

ReneeW said...

Angie: Yup you are probably the only one. But Bob loves going back (he just hates flying).

Dev: Bob & his dad are driving to Noonan on Saturday morning to attend a funeral (I'm staying at the motel) and have to be back by afternoon for the party. I think it's ridiculous cuz I think it's about 100 miles. I hope the roads are good up that way.

Rosie: I'll let you all know how they like the gift and the party. DL seems like a winner.

ephramyfan said...

Wow that is colder than us folks here in Ontario, Canada for the most part lol! Have a nice trip. That's a great present btw.

Alie said...

PS: ephramyfan is me. Google/Blogger is being weird with the new commenting system.

Kristie (J) said...

Have a great trip!!
I loved Dangerous Lover! Very hot, and very good.
And what a great idea for the gift!!!

sula said...

ooh, Minot! I've been there. When I went to college in the Twin Cities, I did some roadtrips with friends out that direction for weddings and such. In fact, my roommate and I got lost up in North Dakota while trying to find this one particular farm in total darkness and almost ended up in Canada. The upshot was that we got to see the Northern Lights! *g*

I JUST finished Dangerous Lover this morning. Found it pretty much as you described it here. I myself skipped over most of the bad-guy stuff because I just don't have time for that. The sex scenes were very intense though and not in a kinky try-lots-of-new-positions kind of way. More in a deep, emotional bonding way. I liked it. It's a good book to keep you warm up there in the frozen tundra. *g*

Angela James said...

Were you trying to find the barn dance outside Fargo, Sula?

sula said...

lol, angela. Nope, just trying to find the "second farm from the billboard on the right" which I'm sure would be easy in daylight...not so easy in pitch blackness and no street lights. We were on our way to a friend's wedding; the groom's family had a farm out there. Ended up having to call them at 2am and ask for help cuz we were lost. Imagine our mortification at waking the groom's parents at such an hour the morning of the big wedding. lol. But they were the nicest...sent someone out in a truck and shone the headlights so we could find the turn and then found us places to sleep on couches and such. Nice North Dakotans, dontcha know?

CindyS said...

Woohoo, I was helpful!! I hope they love the gift and what a steal on the prices. I wanted to get Bob one and do up a card with his father's pics but they are still just a little out of my price range (200 bucks and no big sales in the offing)

I hope you guys are having a great time and that the weather isn't as powerfully cold as it sounds.

And with that reminder of Dangerous Lover I should go and see what I else I can buy by Lisa Marie Rice. I have been surprised (in a good way) by what can be defined as romantica because it definitely works! Plot, romance and all.


ReneeW said...

Alie: Yeah, I knew that was you. I have you listed in my "Friends" list :).

Kristie: It's a fantastic gift idea.

Sula: Bob's parents lived 2 miles from the Canadian border before they moved to Minot a few years ago. North Dakotans are the nicest people. His parents never locked their door and would take in perfect strangers during a snow storm. I saw the Northern Lights only once while visiting them one Christmas and they are spectacular. I skimmed through the bad guy stuff in DL but the rest of the book was very good.

Cindy: The picture frame was a big hit. Thanks so much. If you find one on sale grab it. Bob or your dad will love it. The weather was very cold but we stayed indoors most of the time. Most everyone has one of those remote starters so they can start their car from the house and let it warm up. It was pretty chilly running from the building to the car and back again. BRRRRRR....

DL was my first LMR. I was impressed, I'll have to find something else of hers to read.

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