Friday, June 15, 2007

Favorite Short Stories

AAR has a mini-poll going on. You have until June 24th to vote for your Top Ten Short Stories and your Top Ten Anthologies. I spent my spare time this weekend skimming through the anthologies on my keeper shelf and trying to come up with only 10 short stories. It's a good thing they extended the due date otherwise I'd never have finished my ballot in time. Cindy is one of the nice people who help out with counting the ballots.

I came up with the following (18) Short Stories in no particular order. Just need to reduce this list to 10 then I can submit my ballot.

"Falling for Anthony" by Meljean Brook in Hot Spell
"White Out" by Linda Howard in Strangers in the Night
"A Mummer's Play" by Jo Beverley in A Regency Christmas VII
"The Wassail Bowl" by Mary Balogh in A Regency Christmas Feast
"The Star of Bethlehem" by Mary Balogh in A Regency Christmas
"A Lady's Pleasure" by Robin Schone in Captivated
"The Star Queen" by Susan Grant in The Only One
"Overload" by Linda Howard in Summer Sensations
"Love's Prisoner" by MaryJanice Davidson in Secrets Volume 6
"Kissing the Hunter" by Angela Knight in Secrets Volume 7
"An Honest Bargain" by Julia Justiss in The Officer's Bride
"Scandalous Lord Dere" by Stephanie Laurens in Secrets of a Perfect Night
"A House East of Regent Street" by Pamela Rosenthal in Strangers in the Night
"Make a Joyful Noise" by Carla Kelly in Regency Christmas Carol
"A Virtuous Widow" by Anne Gracie in Gifts of the Season
"A Family Christmas" by Mary Balogh in Under the Mistletoe
"The Best Gift" by Mary Balogh in Under the Mistletoe
"The Demon's Mistress" by Jo Beverley in In Praise of Younger Men

Note that there are 2 different anthologies with the title Strangers in the Night. Confusing, I know. I rarely read all the stories in an anthology so I just have a few on my list of Top Ten Anthologies. Usually one or two in an anthology are good and the rest suck. I like these three because they each have stories from only one author. Howard, Kelly and Balogh are a few of my favorite authors.

Strangers in the Night (Linda Howard)
Here's to the Ladies (Carla Kelly)
Under the Mistletoe (Mary Balogh)

Have you voted yet?


Rosie said...

Aside from remembering a very few short stories (maybe two) that really stick out from an anthology, I couldn't possibly even attempt a list. Most anthologys are a disappointment for me.

The gargoyle story by Marjorie Liu in the recently released WILD THING stands out and a couple of Linda Howard stories. That's about it for me.

ReneeW said...

Rosie: I started keeping track quite a few years ago so that helps. LH wrote quite a few memorable short stories, didn't she? I didn't know about the Liu story. I'll have to try it. Yeah, I have lots of anthologies saved but there maybe only one story in it that was good. Seems like a waste of prime shelf space. But sometimes I get the urge to reread one and then I have it right there.

CindyS said...

You are the BEST!!! Thanks for pimping the poll and for taking time out to try and fill out a ballot - This one was hard because I did it all without looking at my bookshelves so I had to remember something about the story in order to find it on the net. I had no idea that Howard was in an Anthology titled Strangers in the Night - oooops - I have to re-instate one of the ballots that came in ;)

If it helps, almost every short story you have listed has been voted for at least once ;)


ReneeW said...

Cindy: Thanks, I thought maybe a little help wouldn't hurt. You have a good memory, I could never have done it that way. I did remember some particular stories I loved but I had to skim through several anthologies until I found what I was looking for (especially A Virtuous Widow and Scandalous Lord Dere). This 'Strangers in the Night' had 3 Linda Howard short stories - White Out, Blue Moon, and Lake of Dreams - all pretty good. That's good to know, since most of mine didn't appear on the interim results.

Kyahgirl said...

great list Renee. I don't read anthologies that much but will have to try to remember some.

When AAR had the fundraising auction for Katrina I won an anthology that had that story by Pamela Rosenthal.It was really good and I got that Linda Howard anthology from a library sale just because I tend to read everything of hers. I liked it too.
There was another anthology I read with three connected stories about a wedding dress and the love stories around it during different time frames.

ReneeW said...

Kyahgirl: Yeah, I read very few anthologies anymore. Seems like a waste to buy a book to read one story. I think I've read all of LH too. I actually liked all of the stories in that particular anthology. I'll have to see if I can find that wedding dress anthology, it sounds pretty good. Thanks.

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