Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Camping last weekend

Bob and I went camping in our RV over to Lake Wenatchee State Park last weekend in eastern Washington. It was beautiful there with giant evergreen trees and lots of privacy between campsites. There were a couple nature trails I dragged Bob around (the bum). He kept complaining about the mosquitoes. They didn't bother me at all and I didn't get any bites but they wouldn't leave him alone. The campground is about 20 miles from Leavenworth, so we drove over to visit the shops and eat lunch. It's a cute town with all the buildings in Bavarian architecture and a polka band playing in the town square. Very touristy and popular year 'round. The hanging baskets of flowers are fabulous. Our favorite place to eat is called The Soup Cellar where they serve the most wonderful soups (and sandwiches). I have pictures of the town but I'm too lazy to post them.

I've been rather depressed lately and I can't figure out why. Usually December and January are my bad months but I just feel so down. I cry at the weirdest times and I feel like I have this dark cloud following me around. I should probably go to the doctor to get a pill but I just can't because I know I will start bawling. I have this 'rule'.... I never cry in front of people. It embarrasses me. So there's no way I can go to the doctor until I have myself under control and can speak without bawling like a baby. I know, none of this makes sense but I feel better just writing it down.

I finished two books while camping: one I liked and one I didn't. Reviews to follow shortly.

Reading now: Promises Keep by Sarah McCarty. *fans self* Wow, I'm just in the first chapter and it's already very hot.


CindyS said...

Well sweetie, if you think you will cry now, just think what you will be like by the time you do go ;) I was a sobbing, blubbering snot flowing mess when I finally went to my doctor years ago because I just couldn't deal with my panic attacks anymore.

So think of it this way. Your doctor has seen upteen vaginas, had to inspect probably some of the most embarassing rashes known to man kind and has had to do the finger probe to way more men then he/she would like to think on. Just think, your doctor will probably sigh with relief if the only thing you do is cry ;)

Kind of on the same topic - I can't stand crying in front of people either but I am not bothered in the least by people who cry in front of me. In fact, I hope that they feel safe with me and know that their crying is okay with me. (One of my best buds was dumped via text message - the fucker - and was in a real bad place for about 3 weeks and even though hearing or seeing her cry was heartbreaking, I knew she needed to release the pain.)

Wow. That was a long way to go to get to I'm sorry that you are down.


ReneeW said...

Thanks for making me laugh! I have tons of friends and a sister who cry at the drop of a hat and I suppose they think I'm rather cold because I don't. Even when my mom died I was pretty controlled. But I'm a good listener and offer lots of hugs and sympathy. So like you said, they feel safe with me and that's a compliment I think. Like you, I don't mind their tears at all.

I have my yearly physical in Sept and I will probably wait to discuss it with her then when I can just slip it into the conversation while talking about other things. I actually started taking a low dose of hormones several years ago just to improve my mood. But the hormones aren't enough lately and she mentioned before that she could give me something else if they don't work well enough. So it should be easy to talk about. But before she prescribed the hormones back then I had an embarrassing bout of tears (not snot flowing kind but close) that sort of spilled out unexpectedly. I hate that!

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