Friday, March 09, 2007

Shopping for books I don't need but had to have

Whoopeee! Went to Borders tonight and bought some books.

I'm a huge fan of Carla Kelly. Lots of raves over at AAR RtR message board. One poster called it "brilliant". I hope it has sex in it (okay, i heard that, shut up). No, I did not skim for the sex scenes in the bookstore. I didn't want to crease the spine before I bought it. Yeah, weird.

I have loved most of Joyce's work and DearAuthor gave Voices of the Night a good review.

I didn't want to get left out of the stampede like I was on her last book. Couldn't find it in the store at first. Not in new arrivals. Not in romance section. Had to break down and ask a clerk (I hate talking to clerks). She disappeared for a minute and came back with it. Don't know where they were hiding it. I think I may have done a happy dance right there in the store.

The previous book (Slave to Sensation) was my favorite paranormal of 2006 so had to have this one too.

I was kicking myself because I forgot my discount coupons but I couldn't wait to get these home. My TBR is getting ridiculous again.

Reading now: Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase
Completely yummy book that was featured prominently in the 2006 AAR Reader Poll. I'm loving it but I don't think reading this book before casting my ballot would have affected any of my picks except maybe one: Favorite Funny. The humor and sassy dialog is wonderful.


nath said...

Great books you got :D Hope you enjoy all of them :D

Rosie said...

Renee, I have Singh and Ward books and plan to get Carla Kelly's over the weekend. I made great headway in my TBR in January and it's had a set back the last few weeks with more books purchased than read. It's reassuring to know I'm in good company.

Jennie said...

I'm in the middle of Beau Crusoe right now and think it's very good. No sex yet, except for some (very slightly) racy remembrances of some that happened in the past. LOL!

So did Borders have the 4 for 3 deal on all romances? I'd heard that it was only on selected books. But anyway I think I'm going tonight to buy some. I've been in book-buying withdrawal. :)

Tara Marie said...

I've got Kelly and Ward and the Singh is on order. Looking forward to all of them

sybil said...


I LOVE that... you HAVE to have them now. You get them and finish your book *g*. I so do that. Of course I also have all four of these.


CindyS said...

I don't read Kelly because I have heard they don't have sex - no sex, no Cindy. Yeah, harsh ;)

Now I'm wishing you had waited to buy Lover Revealed - I think my post is going to be very, very long - B for me.

I have VOH staring at me from the TBR pile.


ReneeW said...

Tara: I started on the Kelly and it's wonderful as I expected.

Sybil: I don't normally obsess about getting new releases but they must have been calling my name.

Cindy: Yeah, Kelly has written lots of Regency Romance with only "subtle" sensuality ratings at AAR but they are so worth it to me. Wow you finished LR fast. Sounds like you didn't like it as well as LA. Looking forward to your post.

Kyahgirl said...

my exact same list of book lemmings!!

I just finished Beau Crusoe. Very good. There is a vague sex scene but she doesn't do a lot of detail. Still, her writing is so good that it doesn't detract at all.

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