Saturday, March 17, 2007

New book review format

I decided to keep track of my reading this year and log my results using Rosario's spreadsheet so that when the end of the year rolls around I can compile my favorites for AAR's annual reader poll much more easily. I have a ton of reviews to write and no time to write them. So I've been trying to think of a way to short cut the whole process so I can post more reviews. The most time consuming part for me is writing a synopsis of the plot and characters in my own words (kind of like AAR does in their reviews). I'll try to keep doing that most of the time but in the interest of getting caught up with my reviews, I will use book blurbs from the the back of the book, Amazon, B&N or the publisher when I'm feeling lazy. (Okay people, that's most of the time, I admit it.)

I found a review format on someone's blog (forgot who) that I'm going to 'steal' but I tweaked it to suit my preferences. We'll see how this works out. If it's too annoying I'll just abandon it.

PICTURE OF BOOK: (If Possible)
SERIES: (which book in what series, if applicable)
COPYRIGHT: (Date published)
SETTING: Place/time (from Rosario's spreadsheet)
TYPE: Straight romance, paranormal, mystery, etc. etc. (from Rosario's spreadsheet)

SUMMARY: (I'll be stealing this from either B&N,, or the publisher. If I write a summary I will try not to post spoilers.)

THOUGHTS / OPINION: (I like to rant... read at your own risk.)
MISCELLANEOUS: (You never know.)


CindyS said...

I'm telling ya, we're sharing the same brain - okay, you obviously have the greater portion ;)

I'm also keeping track using Rosario's spreadsheet but I'm still writing up my reviews willy nilly. I figure as long as I get the H/H names right and what I *think* was happening in the book right then it's good.

And like you, I so love to rant ;)

Hey, Happy Birthday to Bob!


Rosie said...

I got as far as downloading Rosario's spreadsheet does that count?

I have my own Excel spreadsheet that I'm keeping track of my reads on. After over 20 years of reading I only started last year. I can't believe I waited so long sometimes.

CindyS said...

Rosie - after 20 years of reading romance I am beginning to forget the books I have read and the ones in my TBR pile. I haven't written up what's in the TBR pile because I'm way too lazy but at least I can now keep track of the books I have read and re-read.


Tara Marie said...

Nice format, I'm looking forward to your review of By Design :)

I use Microsoft Database for my spreadsheet and am keeping it up-to-date. Which shocks me--LOL.

Rosario said...

I may just copy you, at least until I get all caught up. I was on vacation all February, so I read A LOT, and didn't write as many reviews as usual (I actually didn't plan to write any, but I had an English exam on the 10th, so I decided I could use the practice). Anyway, the result is that I've got about 20 books I need to review.

So, I either skip some (which I really don't want to do... thinking and writing about a book after I finish it has become such a huge part of my reading!), or do short reviews of the unremarkable ones and save my looooong ones for books that really merit the attention.

nath said...

Hey, where can we download Rosario's spreadsheet :D and I like the new format of your reviews :P if anything, it'll be easier for you to write as well :)

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Oh, good, I'm glad you're keeping track too. We'll compare notes at the end of the year. I figure anything you write is all good. I love it when you rant. :)

Rosie: No, you must actually use it :0) I have been reading longer than 20 years (maybe 30) and I just started keeping track. I figure it's never too late to start.

Tara: I thought about using MS database but I know MS Excel better. Keeping these things uptodate is the key.

Rosario: Wow that's a long vacation. 20 reviews, woohoo! Short reviews are good too. Whatever you do is great.

Nath: Hmmm, let's see. I don't know how to put a link in here. Try this.

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