Thursday, January 18, 2007

Born in Death by J.D. Robb

This is the 23rd full length book in this series and I have read every one. The main appeal of this series to me is the relationship between Eve and Roarke. And of course, the other wonderful characters. The mystery in each book is completely secondary. I once stumbled upon a blogger who loved this series for its great mysteries but was appalled to learn that J.D. Robb was Nora Roberts. She said she HATES romances. It was almost as if she was afraid she was being tainted by association in reading this series. Why is it that romance readers have no problem trying other genres like mystery, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, etc., but readers of those genres despise anything labeled as a romance? I have my theory but I guess I'll save it for another blog.

In the last two or three books Mavis Freestone, Eve's best friend, has been pregnant. Now in this installment Mavis is about ready to pop and she has enlisted both Eve and Roarke to serve as her birthing coaches and they must attend childbirth classes with her. A tough, hard-boiled cop, Eve can tolerate blood and guts, mutilated bodies, and gruesome crimes scenes without batting an eye, but is terrified to host a baby shower. Just the thought of being in the same room as Mavis while she gives birth makes Eve break out is a cold sweat. Watching the vids in childbirth class was enough to make her puke. Roarke's is having a hard time dealing with the whole thing too.

Eve has relegated most of the baby shower details to a catering service and is relieved to have a double murder case involving two accountants to work on to take her mind off pregnancy, childbirth and babies. The murder victims were accountants at a prestigious accounting firm. The murder mystery aspect was interesting but rather dull at times with all the financial complexities. And of course, Roarke is asked to consult on this case. But not before some fireworks in which Eve's integrity is called into question because of Roarke's involvement.

There were some hilarious scenes in this book especially the shopping trip with Peabody to pick out a baby gift, the baby shower and the childbirth itself with Eve poised to catch the baby. There was plenty of cheesy, sappy stuff at the end when everything is wrapped up very neatly. Okay, I loved that part. You'll want to read this book just to find out the sex of the baby. I'm not telling :)

My grade: B+


Rosario said...

I'm giving this one a B+, too, whenever I manage to write the review (have I mentioned I'm very behind with them? *g*). I think I liked the mystery aspect more than you, though. I liked trying to figure out the way the two seemingly unconnected cases had to be connected!

ReneeW said...

Rosario: I'm way more behind than you :). I think you are right, the mystery aspect really got much more interesting after the disappearance case but I thought the connection was just a bit too coincidental. Also I was so focused on the birth and baby stuff that I just couldnt get into the mystery as much.

Kristie (J) said...

These books are THE ONLY books I a) buy in hardcover and b) don't read the end of before I get there.

And I just put in my pre-order tonight for Innocent in Death - we're in countdown stage now baby!!

ReneeW said...

Kristie: You're funny. :) I read the hardcovers from the library then buy my own pb copy later. I just don't have room for hardcovers. Some of us don't have gorgeous libraries :) (do you detect a note of jealousy?) I'll have to pop over and see if the library has IID on order so I can put it on hold.

Alie said...

I love Nora Roberts, but I am so behind on this series. I have read the first book, but never got around to picking up the rest for some reason. I think I'll have to do that once I get caught up with Lori Foster's back list of novels. I find I'm really liking her writing.

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