Monday, January 01, 2007

December was rough for me

Thanks for kicking my butt and waking me up, Cindy! December was a rough month:
  • Snowstorm
  • Handbell concert plus rehearsals
  • Son hit by a car while walking across the street (he's OK, just very very sore). took a ride in an ambulance to the hospital.
  • Windstorm
  • No power for 2 days, no cable TV, no cable internet for a week (Bob drove me crazy... No ESPN, no Golf Channel, no surfing the internet, etc.)
  • Worked 10-12 hour days for 3 solid weeks (plus weekends)
  • Shipped our software product on 12/22. Big ship party (booze, champagne, food)!
  • Finished Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, etc.
  • Daughter's boyfriend, his mother and sister came for Christmas Eve dinner. Then we all headed to church where I played in handbell choir while daughter played flute. She's very good (10 years of lessons) but hasn't picked it up in two years. She was AWESOME. She played Silent Night during the candle lighting while the congregation sang. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
  • Another snowstorm
  • Comp time the week after Christmas. I slept in late EVERY morning. Bob still driving me crazy since he decided to take this week of vacation too. We spent lots of time together but I'm ready for him to go back to work. He's taking a golf vacation in March and asked if I want to go along.... Uh... NO.
But the good news is I have read lots of books from my TBR. I'll post about it tomorrow.


CindyS said...

Phew! You had me worried you were left chained to your desk at work over the holiday ;)

I'm sorry to hear about your son and am very glad to hear he is okay and I get the 'Bob, you're getting on my last nerve!' sensation ;) Lately he has been arguing almost for the sake of arguing - not fights so much as just always going for the 'no, that's not right.' I finally got to the point where I would just say 'fine, you're right' which had him wondering how to get me to talk with him again. He was all, I was kidding - yeah well, I'm not finding you funny. C-Rex came out this morning when he held the bottle of ketchup out of my reach to read the ingredients - I believe I said 'you better hand that to me before I use it to beat you about the head'. Yeah, we had company and everything. Oops.

As to snow - we haven't had any. So here's hoping the snow leaves you behind and comes and dumps on us. I mean, it ain't winter without the snow!!

Glad you got to sleep in - you deserve it!!


Kristie (J) said...

Renee!!! Glad to see you back again. Sounds like a very rough month. And I'm glad you son is OK. That must have been very scary! And what Cindy says about the snow. Lisa and I were talking yesterday and it's very very weird about the weather here. Yesterday the tempertature went up to 7 degrees celcius which would be about 44 degrees farenheight. Normally it's at 32 (farenheight) or lower.

Rosario said...

Happy New Year, Renée! Boy, I bet you're glad December's over!

Kyahgirl said...

That's a busy and challenging December! Hope that your son has no lasting effects from the accident and that 2007 is a great year for all.

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Son seems to be doing well but he is 'male' so he may be putting on a brave front for me so I don't fuss. Bob is definitely on my last nerve. Please, take the snow! We rarely have snow, maybe once every 2-3 years, but we have been dumped on twice and it's only the beginning of January. It's funny how much better I feel with 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

Kristie: He scared me to death, and, guess what, it was the second time this has happened to him! I hate this weather, I'm ready to move south for the winter.

Rosario: Thanks! Very glad it's over. January will be a piece of cake.

Kyahgirl: Thanks a bunch. Same to you all!

nath said...

Wow, that was a rough month indeed! Hope that January will be better for you and you'll have time to relax!

Happy New Year!

Tara Marie said...

OMG--the month from Hell.

Glad you're back, it sounds like you need a month of comp time.

Now you see I'd go on the golf vacation. It has to be in a warmer clime, it's eating out every meal, and he's gone all day playing golf, great reading time. But then I guess you can eat out while he's gone and you get some "alone time". Oh boy, maybe I should send my hubby on a golf vacation.

ReneeW said...

Nath: Thanks! January is better already.

Tara: If it was in a warmer climate I would go but it's in Coeur d'Alene Idaho! Not exactly warm in March. I'd rather stay home and eat out and have the remote control all to myself. I'd really miss him but would appreciate him more when he got back.

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