Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Why did I pick up this book? After reading the last Stephanie Plum book, Eleven on Top, I swore I was done with this series. This time I mean it... seriously... no, really. OK, shut up, I really mean it this time.

I read Stephanie Plum books to laugh. You know, those belly rolling laughs (and I have lots of belly to roll lately) that are so much fun. I can't remember the last time I had one of those laughs with her books. I think it was the opening scene a few books back where some FTA she was trying to capture was mooning her through a window. God, I laughed at that scene. Can't remember which book that was in though, but it was a while ago.

TS has a few laugh out loud chuckles and that's it. Waste of time. We got to see a bit more about Ranger's personal life, but really it wasn't worth it.

I read this from a book on tape with Lorelei King (I like CJ Critt better) as the narrator. At the end of the book Lorelei interviews Janet Evanovich. I usually skip those types of things but this time I decided to listen because I wanted to see what direction she is going with these books. Well, I was not pleased. Basically, she said that Stephanie will forever be the same age in all future books. She will never resolve her relationships with either Joe or Ranger. She emphasized that these are not romances and sort of dissed them a little (at least that's how I took it). So ladies, if you're expecting some kind of maturity out of Stephanie, forget it. She'll continue to blow up cars, do stupid stuff, keep her gun in her cookie jar, eat a steady diet of pizza and donuts, and lust after both Joe and Ranger. Doesn't matter if it's book 1 or book 53276. Nothing will change.

None of this is probably a surprise to the rest of you but I just had to rant. Ok, I'm done. Goodbye, Stephanie.

My grade: C


Rosie said...

Are you kidding me? NO resolution? I'm done then. That's why I keep buying the books. In my review of TS I said that #11 sort of redeemed itself by the end, but not so with TS. I'm bummed now. Now I gotta break the news to my sister...uh-oh!

Dylan said...

Oh gosh you're done with this series? I'm just not excited about this series anymore and I was such a fan of this one, but well yeah this looks like I'm REALLY over it...thanks for the heads up!


ReneeW said...

Rosie: Nope, not gonna happen according to Evanovich. She likes the 'conflict' it creates in her books. She compared it to the old TV program 'Moonlighting'. Remember that? She said that after they actually 'did it' the show lost it's appeal because the conflict was gone. I'm done too.

Dylan: I loved this series at first too but I have to move on. There is nothing else for me here.

CindyS said...

Wow. I had no clue. That has to be the stupidest thing an author could ever say. What a numbnut.

I did actually like the 12 book but I thought it was moving towards something - hey, at least with Anita she finally jumped on her guys. Ugh.

She dissed romance?


Also, sexual chemistry can only last so long before the audience just say 'screw it' and leaves.



jmc said...

See, I liked TS better than the last few. And I don't expect Stephanie to pick one of them. But she needs to grow up. So I think I'm finished with this series. And dissing romance is just the cherry on top. Does JE not realize how much of her reading audience is cross over from romance?

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Well, maybe I was a bit harsh to say 'diss' but I was left with the impression that she doesn't think much of them. You're right about the sexual chemistry thing. I think many fans are going to bail out on this series.

jmc: I think JE took advantage of her large fan base when she started this series but when they start realizing that Stephanie and Joe/Ranger are going nowhere then she's going to lose readers. That's my prediction anyway.

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