Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bob & shopping

I'm sitting hear listening to my cat snore. When did she start that? I should be used to it by now. Bob snores every night and most of the time it doesn't bother me.

Bob and I have been shopping a bunch. Monday we went to Frye's Electronics and bought a new computer and telephone. Cindy talks about C-Rex. Well, I don't have a nice name for mine. I was just a bitch at the checkout stand. I'm not going to explain it. I'll just say that the clerk and her manager PISSED me off royally. I think I embarrassed Bob.

Anyway, on to IKEA. We saw a few things we wanted (an easy chair for the bedroom for me). Had lunch there (Swedish meatballs of course). I gave up red meat about 2 years ago (long story) but occasionally treat myself. Only problem I think is if you haven't eaten beef for a while your body forgets how to digest it. Gave me a little tummy ache but it was worth it. Very yummy.

Today we went to Home Depot. I looked at light fixtures and found one I liked. Bob looked at some crap while I followed him the hell and gone all over the damn building. But I was good, didn't complain once. Then on to Costco where we fought the crowds. Picked up 2 pumpkin pies and a pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. A bunch of Costco managers were standing around and I overheard them say that they had made 1500 pumpkin pies last night!!! We made it out of the store for less than $100, quite an achievement for me.

The weather has been horrendously wet. Supposed to be the wettest November on record and it's not even over yet! And terribly windy too.

Now somebody please tell me how to get rid of Bob for a day. I need some me-time. I need to go to the bookstore. He's driving me nuts. I need some space. He used to hate shopping, now he seems to like it. Help!

Update: The sun came out this morning and should last till this afternoon so we had this conversation:

Bob: "I think I'll go golfing"
Me: *jumping for joy...woohoo* "That's a great idea, honey, get out and get some fresh air."
Bob: "Would you like to walk along with me?"
Me: *are you kidding me?* "No thanks, hon"
Bob: "I think I'll stop at Lowe's after"
Me: *thank you Jesus... he'll be gone for hours :)* "That's nice, have fun!"


Anne said...

Tell him you're going shopping for tampons and maxi pads... my DH refuses to shop when I buy that stuff. LOL The coward. : )

ReneeW said...

Anne: ROTFLMAO :) Good idea.

Rosie said...

I was going to suggest you tell him to call some friends and go play pool or golf. Thank God for the sunshine, huh?

Tara Marie said...

My cat, Petey, snores too. Poor cat has horrendous allergies, and somehow I find that oddly poetic, a cat with allergies.

My husband has the next 4 days off. He's actually contemplating shopping on Black Friday. I think he's crazy. Junior has a cold and that may keep us home.

We stand united... I pissed off the checkout girl and manager of my local supermarket last week.

Kyahgirl said...

oh god, this post had me laughing. You know why I don't mind the fact that Ron is a shiftworker? so I can get rid of him sometimes :-)
I crave alone time so really get what you're saying.

ReneeW said...

Rosie: Thank God for golf too :)

Tara: It's nice to know someone else gets pissed at checkout girls. Bob thinks I'm the only one causing a scene.

Kyahgirl: You're lucky, I wish I could send Bob off on a shift sometimes when he's getting on my nerves.

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