Friday, September 29, 2006

September TBR Challenge

Title: The Admiral's Bride (SIM #962, TDD book #7)

Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Year published: 1999

Why did you get this book?
I collected the entire Tall, Dark and Dangerous series about 4 years ago after reading a couple of her books and enjoying them. I have been slooooowly making my way through them and have only 2 left in this series to read.

Do you like the cover?
Not really. Flowers, lace and a wedding ring don't do anything for me.

Did you enjoy the book?
It was pretty good. I gave it a B-. I don't particularly like older man/younger woman stories especially if the age difference is more than 18+ years. My first thought is that the hero is old enough to be the heroine's father and that's just icky. In TAB the age difference is 20+ years and was probably the worst aspect of the book for me. But Admiral Jake Robinson was a terrific hero. The first chapter was a flashback to one of his many heroic deeds from the Vietnam War and was a grippingly realistic account and a great way for the reader to get to know and love the hero. Now 52, Jake is a widower whose wife died from cancer three year before. He leads a SEAL team in covert operations and is a fully fit hunk (think Harrison Ford). Zoe Lange is a scientist who specializes in biological weapons and also works in covert operations. Jake's repeated angst because of his concern over the age difference was rather tiring. There was a fake wedding between Jake and Zoe that was arranged in order to get her into the compound (and so they can have hot sex of course) where he is working undercover. It was a rather trite plot device that you find frequently in series romance (and which I secretly love). The suspense was pretty good with most of the action taking place at the end. All in all a readable book. I think I would have liked it better if the age gap had been much smaller.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? No, not new to me. I plan to read my last two in this series (Identity: Unknown & Get Lucky) plus three other old Loveswepts I found at a thrift store. But I have lost interest in the Team Sixteen books and the endless parade of characters spanning many books. I just don't care anymore.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
I'll hang onto it until I finish the last in the series. Then maybe I'll sell the whole set on eBay. All of them are the orginal editions (not the reprint) so maybe it's worth something to collectors. Or maybe I'll just keep it. There were a couple in the series that were keepers and I hate to break up a set.

Anything else?
I just realized that I forgot to sign up for this month's TBR Challenge at AngieW's blog. Better go do that.


Kristie (J) said...

I've read all the other books in this series except this one and some of the later ones. I forget which one I stopped at. It's that too many in a series thing again. The age difference just never appealed to me at all in this one. I just can't see wanting someone old enough to be your father *shudder*. The other two you have to read are both good though - if you can get past the cover of Get Lucky *g*

Rosie said...

I bought the book because it was Brockmann. I was nervous about the age difference, but thought she made the characters mature enough (her) and young-ish/active enough (him) that I could buy them being together.

Kookie said...

This is one of the couple or so books missing in my TD&D series I hope I could find a copy of this one soon. I liked the Admiral in Hawken's book so I'd probably like this one...let's see if I can suffer through the age gap thingie.

And, kristie (j), I love Lucky but the cover art on his book...puh-lease!

ReneeW said...

Kristie: I disliked the age difference. I just don't see the appeal of a 50 year old man and some young thing. What's wrong with women his how age? She'll want to have children. He'll be too old to pick them up and play with them. Kinda pisses me off really when I think about it. That doughboy cover of Get Lucky is horrid. I'll try not to look at it :)

Rosie: He was very young acting and looking according to the other members of his team. Which probably saved me from getting too pissed off at the age difference.

Kookie: This has been reprinted but if you want the first edition it may take a while to find. You might try paperbackswap. I have been lucky and found some HTF there.

Anonymous said...

hey I just read this last week... and letter to kelly? uh and taylor something...

my first brockmann's

I have to admit to liking the older man younger woman thing... but the 20 gab was a tough sell.

Over all I enjoyed this book. Liked it more than Taylors book but LOVE the Letters to Kelly one. I think that was what it was called.

ames said...

When I read this book, I mentally adjusted the age difference so it wouldn't be so big. Then I blithely ignored all further age referenes in the book.

That said, I thought Jake was hot. LOL

Marie said...

I had seen "Get Lucky" at Amazon Marketplace for as much as $38. So if you sell yours individually or as a set be aware that some of them are pretty valuable. Just an FYI.

ReneeW said...

Sybil: I liked Taylors Temptation about the same as this one but haven't read Letters to Kelly. May have to get this one :) Heart Throb is probably one of my favorites of hers. No SEALs in it.

Ames: Yeah, I did the mental block on the age difference because he acted so young and fit, but he kept angsting about the age difference.

Marie: Really? Wow. I thought that since it was reprinted the value on the original editions had gone down. I decided not to sell it because there are several keepers in the bunch and I don't want to break up the set. Someday though, I will.

Avid Reader said...

Jake was hot and yes the age difference kinda expanded credulity but I loved Jake. He carried the book to me. He had a nice romance in another book, It Happened Upon a Midnight Clear.


Anonymous said...

I liked IHUaMC becaue of Jake. Crash sort of just annoyed.

CindyS said...

Since I love older men as a rule I thought I wouldn't be bothered by this book but, yikes. It just tripped me up.

My favorite of the series I think was the last one. Night Watch. I think you'll love her Loveswepts more because there are no SEALs. Did you find Time Enough For Love? It's my favorite book of hers and even though Chuck has some skills he still isn't a SEAL.


ReneeW said...

Keishon: Yes, I read the previous book and thought Jake's romance with his wife was very nice

Sybil: me too. I couldn't understand why Crash kept holding back his feelings for Nell.

Cindy: I read the last in the series first and I can't remember anything about it. I may have to give it a quick re-read when I'm done. I looked at my spreadsheet and found that I had read TEFL back in 2002 but now I don't remember much about it except it was a time travel.

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