Thursday, September 28, 2006

My brain has left the building

I'm such an idiot. I belong to this committee at my church that meets every three months. Our meetings are the dullest snoozefest on the planet and I HATE going to them. I really should quit but I promised to serve for a 3 year term and I have 2 years to go.

Anyway, the chairman of the committee always calls to remind me three days before the next meeting PLUS he sends email reminders. Well today I went to aerobics class after work and on the way home I stopped to pick up a prescription for Bob. When I walked in the door it hit me that I was supposed to have been at this dreaded meeting at 7:00, it was now 7:45. Damn it! No one else on the committee ever misses a meeting and I think I have done this a couple times now. I'm a flake.

I did have some good news. After reading Nicole Jordan's Heart Breaker and The Outlaw recently, I immediately put The Savage and Wildstar (both HTF) on my wishlist at PaperBackSwap. I just got a notice from them that The Savage is being mailed to me. Yay! Great bodice ripper cover too :)

I also found a copy of Lover Awakened finally. But I'm saving it for later. Just about everyone has already read it and loved it so I know I will too. It's nice to know I have a really good book just sitting there whenever I hit a reading slump.

Reading now: Irresistible by Susan Mallery and enjoying it. H/H from Delicious make a brief appearance. The book has a cupcake on the cover and it's killing me (I've been dieting on Weight Watchers since Monday - need to lose 10 pounds - 20 would be better but not realistic). I'm hungry.... I need a snack.

Update: Blogger sucks lately. Having a hard time publishing for the last couple days. 0% just keeps going round and round. Trying again.


Nikki said...

Paperback swap is a wonderful thing. I joined about a month ago and I love it!

You know The Savage is probably my favorite Nicole Jordan. I cannot wait to see what you think!!!!

Lover Awakened and The Savage! What a great TBR you have!


Rosie said...

Blogger is driving me insane!! I'm glad to have company in the asylum.

ReneeW said...

Nikki: I love PBS. I have rec'd several HTF books from them all for the price of postage. I haven't heard much about The Savage, just HAD to have it cuz I loved the other two. Wonderful to hear you loved it. Can hardly wait.

Rosie: You, me and thousands of others. I checked blogger support and this has been a problem for lots of people lately.

Dylan said...

Yeah this whole 0% publishing business has been going around a LOT lately, it sucks the big one!

I'm sorry you missed your meeting though, I HATE when that happens to me, but its Church, so they'll forgive you right? ;)

Ooh, Susan Mallery, I'm going to put her on my TBR list, but I'm going to wait to see if you still like the book after you read it.

Happy Friday!

CindyS said...

I'm so horrible at remembering things that I tell my friends to e-mail me the day before a visit so I don't forget. Bob's best friend sends e-mails that have the subject "YOUR BEST BUDDIE GREG IS COMING ON ______" for like a week before hand. What a sweetie ;)

Even my best friend Sue knows if I am supposed to drive her or the kids somewhere she will call me the night before to remind me.

As to the dieting - pffffft. I really need to do that soon but I keep putting it off. I think I'm afraid that if I try and the weight doesn't come off then I will *know* this is the weight I am. And it ain't light my friend ;) Good Luck!


ReneeW said...

Oh, Cindy, I'm just like that! Most of my friends call me the night before to remind me of stuff. I have this PDA to write my appointments in but it doesn't help much if you forget to write the damn appt. in it. Dieting is a way of life for me, I swear. *sigh*

Anonymous said...


you are too lucky! hmmm is it wrong of me to hope you hate it then send to me *g*

just kidding... sort of LOL

ReneeW said...

Sybil: I have a feeling I might love it. But nothing wrong with hoping. :)

Anonymous said...

I shall live through your read than *g*

hurry up!

romancelover said...

Never read Jordan before...I think...let us know how you feel about the book. I need more to add to my TBR pile (after that book sale in SF you would think I would be ok for a while, but no...I AM ADDICTED)

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...