Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Scent of a Woman by Jo Leigh

I'm not a huge fan of Harlequin Blaze. If I want to read erotica or romantica there are better choices. Most Blazes are just not steamy enough for me. I would categorize them as "erotica (very) lite." But Scent of a Woman was quite titillating. Based around a stranger sex fantasy, this book was one long teasing sexual seduction scene. But there is nothing shocking here and it plays it safe.

David Levinson is a psychiatrist for celebrities. Susan Carrington is an heiress with lots of insecurities and was an unsympathetic character at first. She seemed like the typical poor little rich girl. But after her backstory was revealed in the last quarter of the book, I found her insecurities about relationships believable. They first meet in a store while David is trying to pick out a scarf to buy for his sister. No names are exchanged. They decide to meet in a fancy hotel once a week where they act out sexual fantasies, but it never involves penetration :) Of course, as I would expect from a Harlequin, that doesn't happen until after they realize they are in love almost at the end of the book. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. A fast read, good sexual tension throughout and characters I liked.

My Grade: B-

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Rosario said...

I liked this one, too. Jo Leigh's usually a good bet for steamy books without the typical Blaze contrivances and clichés.

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