Friday, July 09, 2010

REVIEW: Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

PAGES: 352
SETTING: Contemporary
TYPE: Straight Romance
REASON FOR READING: Loved the previous two books, Sugar Daddy and Blue-Eyed Devil, and hey, it's Lisa Kleypas, what other reason do you need?

Ella Varner has it all--a successful career as an advice columnist, a handsome boyfriend, and a circle of friends in Austin. When anyone has a problem, Ella knows the answers.

But one night she receives a call that changes everything. And as Ella's world is turned upside-down, she meets a man who is the opposite of everything she ever wanted . . . a man who will offer her the most irresistible challenge she has ever known . . .
I'm a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas and am thoroughly enjoying this series. At first I was reluctant to try these contemporaries because I have enjoyed so many of her historicals but I shouldn't have worried. Her writing seems to get better and better as the years roll by.

Kleypas' heroes are to die for and Jack Travis is no exception. I think I'm in love! Wow, seriously. Have you ever wanted to jump into the pages of a book and BE the heroine? Ella Varner is an OK heroine but I'm not too fond of heroines who are basically doormats. She lets her mother, sister, and boyfriend walk all over her but she had a difficult childhood and some people may find her behavior understandable but I was just a wee bit irritated with her. And don't get me started on the sister. But Ella does surprisingly confront Jack (who she believes is the father of the baby) which redeemed her a tad bit in my mind. I'm glad this book was written first person POV so I knew what Ella was going through and I did have a certain amount of sympathy for her. I just wanted to smack the self-centered sister upside the head.

This should have been an A read but I disliked the sister so much and was disappointed that she never got what she deserved so I settled on a slightly lower grade. This is a very worthwhile read, just for Jack Travis alone.



Kristie (J) said...

While I loved this whole series, I think I loved Sugar Daddy and BED more and I think you got it right with the problem being the heroine. She just didn't resonate with me as much as Liberty and Haven did

CindyS said...

I think I have these now - I know I bought this title because of the response on the AAR Reader's Poll and the votes for Jack Travis. Had to see what the fuss was about - still in Mt. TBR ;)


Kate Diamond said...

I haven't read any of Kleypas's contemporaries because I love her historicals SO MUCH. Guess maybe I should get over myself and read these!

Romance Books Online said...

I used to be a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, but in the last few years I haven't been reading her works. However, after reading your review, I definitely have to check this one out! Thanks for the great review!

Rhealyn Inguito said...

For me, i like this book compared to Sugar Daddy though. It's easy to read and Ms. Lisa focuses the story for the two main character alone. Which i think is really great.

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