Friday, July 17, 2009

This is why ebooks won't replace "real" books

I was cruising some of my favorite sites when I came across this article about Amazon and I was horrified.

Seems like Amazon "took back" one of the ebooks it sold for the Kindle without the buyers consent. Kinda like stealing a book after it's already paid for by the customer.

Here the article from AmericaBlog (a liberal news site) Amazon kindle takes back 1984 (irony alert).

I have to agree with David Pogue from the NYT: "This is ugly for all kinds of reasons." And one of the reasons I think the whole ebook phenomenon is a mess and I will never switch to electronic. I download them from the library occasionally but that's it. I'm not handing control of my library over to the publishers and the book sellers. Give me a book I can hold and curl up in bed with or pass along to a friend or sell at a UBS. Maybe sometime in the distant future these problems will be solved but until then I'm keeping my paperbacks.


CindyS said...

Exactly. Turns out I'm not built for e-books. And then there is the 'one' download rule that had me buying the wrong formats and not being able to convert them because I didn't 'get' it. 16 bucks later and I was done. Bad Cindy.

I do love my paperbacks!


Kate Diamond said...

Wow! 1984 as the center of this controversy? This IS ironic!

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