Monday, February 11, 2008

Reading stats

I was compiling my reading stats for 2007 from my reading logs so I can submit my 2007 Annual Reader Poll at AAR. You have until February 17, so go vote, everyone!

I went back to all the previous years from 2003 (when I first stated my reading log) onward when I noticed something that surprised me.... I have been reading fewer and fewer books every year. In 2003 I was unemployed the entire year so that was of course my biggest year.

2003: 227
2004: 197
2005: 166
2006: 140
2007: 128

That's pretty pathetic. Of course, that's still a lot of books. I don't feel I have been reading less as time goes by so I can't account for it. Although I have probably been reading longer more involved books with a higher word or page count. I started keeping track of pages read last year so I'll continue to do that and see if that makes a difference.

Next post will be a list of my 2007 favorite books


Rosie said...

I'm so jealous of people who have been keeping stats for a long time. I have over 20 years of consistent reading and don't have a clue as to book numbers.

I do know though that my blog hopping and blog writing have cut significantly into my reading time. I'm working more hours as well.

I'll be curious to see if your page count is significant and your theory holds true. I've often wondered the same sort of thing.

ReneeW said...

Rosie: I have been reading romance for over 20 years too, and starting to keep track of my stats seemed rather daunting at first. But I started out very simply with a reading log by title author and date and eventually expanded it to a detailed spreadsheet.

Blogging has cut into my reading time as well and maybe that's one reason my stats are getting less and less but I think the quality of the books I'm reading is higher cuz I get such good recs from bloggers so it's a toss up. Yeah, and I've been working way too hard this year too.

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in over 6 years and I'm still logged in!  Good thing because I have no idea what my password is.  In ...